View Full Version : Wanted: 1 way ticket to Afcasselstan

Scott Pioli
05-04-2010, 09:06 AM
We're really needing to get Charlie over here quickly. Rumor has it that he's running around the facilities back in Kansas City singing some modified version of Don McClean's "American Pie" but he's saying "We should've taken Clausen at five."

I know that once we get into the season and Charlie sees that we've put enough toys around Matt to make him look competent he'll be right on board. In the meantime, Charlie is a big guy so we'll need two seats. We're just trying to save some money on this. Tyson Jackson has a balloon payment coming due here pretty quickly and we're scrambling around trying to scrape up the coin to pay the next Richard Seymour.

Thanks in advance for your help.