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05-19-2010, 03:10 PM
Yeah yeah I know, pawn shop specials are just that.
My Konica 1 shot which I bought used in Cali about 20 odd years ago for $25.00 finally bit the dust.
Man that 35mill took GREAT pic's.

Knowing NOTHING about camera's, I went on a scouting trip to one of the bigger and more "reputable" places.
Everything I l,ooked at was really well taken care of, at least by appearence.

All I want is a camera that takes better pic's than a disposable with an un reliable flash.
Nothing fancy, got one of them back home, this is for "raw work" pic's, where detail isn't the main focus, as displaying my over all body of custom work.

Here's what I found.

Cannon Powershot A-410 $40.00

Sony Cybershot $69.00 (in a box with accessories)

Polaroid 5 Omega $59.00

Olympia FE-115 $79.00

This one is kinda the one i'm kinda intrested in. (even if it is pink, maybe it won't get stolen).
Wadda ya think?
Insignia $50.00 even. (new in the Plastic package for haging on a rack display never opened)

I just want a point and shoot with a reliable flash, so I can download the pictures.
Any more bells and whistles are just going to be wasted anyway.
It's a work camera only, pics of job sites for estimate purposes, etc
Don't really want to pay a whole lot, and I tried one of those $20.00 key chain ones from walmart........went back to usuing disposables.

Sofa King
05-19-2010, 03:41 PM

05-19-2010, 05:42 PM
If you're looking to stay under $100, a Kodak EasyShare might be another option to consider. I'm not sure if you would get into the $50 or less range for a new one, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding one around $80.