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Rain Man
06-22-2010, 07:24 PM
Hi all,

If you remember, last year we started a couple of alternative reality contests where we started building Chiefs teams using our own drafts. Six people finalized their rosters last year, and they can continue on this year with the second year of their rosters. Anyone else is welcome to play, and they'll just start at Year One.

The six Year 2 players are:

Rain Man

The original thread with rules is here: http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?p=6816051#post6816051, but here are the rules:

Year 2 Players:

Same rules as Year 1, but your roster will move up to 45 players this year instead of 40. Recall that you can add from ONLY these three pools: players you draft, players on your team last year, and new free agents added by the Chiefs. You CANNOT add players who were on the team last year but were not acquired by your team. You can ONLY draw from first-year Chiefs.

Year 1 Players:

Step 1. First, you have to locate your team in a city. It cannot be in a city that has an existing NFL team, so you must pick from the following cities, which are the largest cities that don't have an NFL team, but ensuring that there's at least one city in every state. If we have more than 100 players I'll add to this list. (List deleted for brevity. If you start playing, just pick a city.)

Step 2. Once the NFL draft is complete on April 26, owners will select players who were available with each Chiefs selection (i.e., do their own draft) and add these people to their roster. If the Chiefs make any draft day trades, the player may choose to accept or reject the trade and act accordingly.

Step 3. After training camp, each owner selects 40 Chiefs players who are "their" players who will make up their roster. The remaining 13 positions will be filled by a generic "scrub".

Step 4. At the end of the season, the person will provide an overview of who started at each position over the course of the year, providing the number of starts at each position by each player. This number cannot exceed the actual number of starts. For example, if Tank Tyler and Glenn Dorsey are the starters at DT in a 4-3, and they also have Ron Edwards, and Tank is injured for five games, they'll list their DTs as:

Glenn Dorsey -16
Tank Tyler - 11
Ron Edwards - 5

In the above example, if enough people are injured, they can move another player to DT if possible, or they will start "scrub".

For example, if they have Alphonso Boone as one of their DEs, and if Glenn was injured for 5 games, Tank was injured for 10 games and Edwards for 12 games, their lineup might be:

Glenn Dorsey - 11
Tank Tyler - 6
Ron Edwards - 4
Alphonso Boone - 11

or if they had no good backup, they'd be forced to go with

Glenn Dorsey - 11
Tank Tyler - 6
Ron Edwards - 4
Scrub - 11

You can put anybody at any position, but should recognize that it'll likely help you in Step 5 if you're using people at their proper positions, as opposed to Carl drafting William Bartee as a cornerback.

Note that you don't have to start people in specific games or report specific stats. You'll merely report the number of starts at the end of the season.

Step 5. At the end of the season, we will have a Survivor-style vote among the general Chiefsplanet population to determine who had the best team that year, including impacts of injuries and other issues.

Step 6. In Year 2 (and beyond), the player starts with his/her core of 40 players, adds new players through the draft, and can then pick another core of players from the following pool: their 40-player core, new drafted players, and any new free agent that joins the Chiefs

If the Chiefs make a trade that includes draft picks, each owner can choose to accept or reject that trade on their own team. If the Chiefs make a trade involving a player on the Chiefs roster, the owner can accept that trade ONLY if his/her own roster includes that player.

There will be no trades between owners, and no implications of the salary cap.

I realize that in the first season we'll have a lot of players with similar rosters, but they'll diverge over time and that's where it'll get interesting.

So far, two players have already made their picks. If you're interested, post your picks in the ORIGINAL thread so we can keep all of them together over time.