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06-24-2010, 07:55 PM
Utah man accused of naked spree of highway crimes: :eek:

A Utah man is in custody after he allegedly went on a naked rampage in Wyoming that included ramming vehicles with his car, getting into other people’s vehicles and laying in the middle of the road.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend said the dispatch center in Cheyenne, Wyo., received a call at about 9 p.m. Wednesday that a car was swerving in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 and drove off the road about seven miles east of Wamsutter.

The caller reported that the driver was running across the road in front of traffic, Townsend said in a press release. Other callers reported that the man was naked and standing in the road.

A few minutes later, more callers said the man — later identified as Armondo Cano, of Moroni, Utah — was fighting with someone else on the side of road. He then got into his car and rammed an eastbound vehicle about 17 miles down the road, the press release said.

“When both vehicles stopped, Cano, still unclothed, attempted to enter the couple’s vehicle,” Townsend said in the release.

A passer-by saw the crash and pulled over to help. Townsend said Cano climbed into the woman’s car as she ran away. Townsend said Cano found a 9mm handgun in the car and began firing it.

“At this time it is unclear how many rounds he fired or exactly what or who he was shooting at,” Townsend said.

The couple in the car that was rammed drove off and Cano got back into his car, chased them and rammed their vehicle again, the release said.

He then allegedly drove another three miles down the interstate, stopped, got out of his car and laid down in the middle of the road with the handgun. As passers-by stopped to check on him, Cano used a pipe to break windows out of their vehicles, Townsend said.

A truck driver was cut during the incident, but the extent of his injuries was unknown.

A Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper arrived at the scene and tried to arrest Cano. The two struggled and with the help of several truck drivers and a Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Deputy, they were able to handcuff Cano.

The woman who owns the handgun was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, in Rawlins, to be treated for breathing difficulty. Cano was taken to the same hospital to be treated for minor injuries.
Troopers are still trying to sort out the exact timeline and other details of the incident.

Cano is being held on an “emergency detention,” Townsend said in the release. He has not been charged, but likely faces numerous felonies, Townsend said.

The Sweetwater County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case to determine what charges will be filed.

“Even though this type of incident is rare, it can be very alarming to those involved or who travel our roadways,” WHP Maj. John Butler said in a written statement. “Fortunately, with the assistance of Samaritans and other law enforcement personnel, this individual was taken into custody without bringing additional harm.”


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Dane or Mecca?

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Dane or Mecca?

I would have to go with Mecca. ROFL

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I didn't know Badgirl's kid lived in Utah.

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Apparently police are announcing now that what caused this suspect to go temporarily insane was a chance encounter with this creature. Motorists are advised to give a wide berth if they see this creature on the highway. Animal control has been notified....

Mr. Flopnuts
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J0hn? Things aren't getting stressful at the place of employment are they?

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Cano needs to lay off the PCP.

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Maud and Anabel hit the Excello
when they saw Clarence had gone to Woodville