View Full Version : Music Tabletop Joe (Johnny Eck)

06-25-2010, 08:47 PM
Not the best video, but it has archival footage of Johnny Eck in it. If anyone's seen the cult classic, Freaks, then you'll recognize the half-man in the film.

I was listening to this creepy song by Tom Waits about Johnny Eck and did some research on the guy. This guy is a freakin' (pun intended) inspiration. For someone who was only half-man, he did the following: Besides being a sideshow performer and actor, Johnny Eck was also an artist, photographer, illusionist, penny arcade owner, Punch and Judy operator, expert model-maker, race car driver, swimmer, runner, tight rope walker, animal trainer, gymnast, orchestra conductor, train conductor and traveler.

Next time you think you can't do something, think about how half-a-man was able to accomplish all of the above and more. :thumb:

Enjoy the tune.

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