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07-01-2010, 08:41 AM
Watching the World Cup brought me around to try this game out, and it actually proving to be pretty fun. Anyone ever played it?

I am playing as the Wizards, and it is proving to be somewhat of a challenge as far as the game as a whole because so much of everything in it is so centered on the premiere leagues and such. I guess it would be like getting Madden, having the option to play as a CFL team, and then having to figure out how to get things done when most of the players that the game focuses on aren't available at all.

For one thing, there are roster restrictions where you can only have 6 international players at a time out of 24, and with the salary caps for MLS you can't afford to get the big time players out of those 6. You can have 1 designated player, which is like what Beckham is on the Galaxy, and that one player doesn't count against the cap, but good luck finding any tip top players that would consider coming.

To try to grow your own team of young development players, you again run into the problem of all of the ones that are easy to find being international players. So if you decide you will just go ahead and relegate your international slots to young up and coming stars, you find out that most of the countries won't allow a young player to be hired internationally until they are over 18.

Was curious if anyone has played, and thought it would be good to have other insight, especially if you played as MLS. Most all of the forums out there are all UK blokes out there talking about playing as ManU with zillion dollar budgets and coaching staffs of over 20 (my team is limited to 6), so it is hard to find good strategies to build a cool team.