View Full Version : Video Games Has anyone here used Goozex?

07-07-2010, 11:27 AM
Looks interesting enough, a game "trading" service.


Does it really only cost $1.00 per trade?

Yes. A Goozex "Trade Token" is the $1 fee that you pay to Goozex to process a trade through the Goozex network. For every item that you receive from another user, you spend 1 trade token. Trade tokens are valued at $1 a piece, so essentially, you are getting a game or a movie for a buck plus the cost of shipping! Goozex is the cheapest and easiest way to legally trade video games and movies.

There are no monthly membership fees, setup fees, hidden costs. Nothing. And remember you are trading the products, not renting; therefore, the games and the movies you receive in the mail become your property, as the games or movies you send to other members become other member's property.

Trading on Goozex is easy: once you list your requests and offers, you don't have to do anything else! Just wait for Goozex to find the perfect match for your transactions!

Goozex Guarantee
What is the Goozex Guarantee?

Trades on Goozex.com are protected by the Goozex Guarantee. Should a product get lost in the mail or be broken during shipping, Goozex will refund you the points and trade tokens you have spent, and put your request back in queue (*). In addition, Goozex transfers the points to the seller only after positive feedback is received from the buyer, providing additional protection for your trades. Once sellers increase their feedback score, they will be credited faster.

As a seller, you are protected with the shipping tracking numbers that are provided automatically with the Goozex shipping labels. In addition, our dispute system let's you work out a resolution with the buyer or escalate the issue to Goozex for review.

(*) Refund claims are subject to inspection by the Goozex Customer Service. A Delivery Confirmation number may be requested to prove shipping a package.

Do I have to go to the Post Office to mail my game?

Absolutely not. When you trade one of your items, Goozex provides you an automatic shipping label that you can print off your computer and stick to the package: no more lines at the Post Office! Just place the label on the package, and mail it from home! (Only available in the USA)

What if I don't have enough points or trade tokens?

If you haven't received enough points through your trades for the product you want, you can purchase points and trade tokens from Goozex through the "My Account" section. There are different amounts that will suit yo