View Full Version : Chiefs 1994 - Chiefs v Broncos @ Mile High

08-03-2010, 09:23 PM
Hey Ya'll....

Llama Jr was home over the summer (for you old timers, he's almost 20 now) and managed to record this game on NFL Network and I finally watched it tonight.

I am absolutely amazed at the emotions it still brings. Some observations

1) There is absolutely no feeling in the world better than watching Elway get crushed... time after time after time..... Even though this game is 16 years old, I yelled, screamed, pumped my fist and celebrated with Neil, Derrick, et al every single time. I would assume the only feeling in the world close would be those that Donkey fans felt every time Elway farked us.

2) Every frickin time that kicker ~who is to remain nameless for all time~ pranced onto the field my middle finger extended involuntarily... don't know why o:-)

3) As much crap as we gave the MNF crew back in the day, it was 3000% percent better than the crew on SNF / MNF now

4) I miss Derrick. Granted he wouldn't still be playing today, but he would be one hell of an ambassador to get us through the lean times.

5) Marcus Allen was poetry in motion.

Many, many other things, but the fact remains that games like this are the reason we all keep coming back. It is the reason we love the game. I'm actually cautiously optimistic for this coming season. Seems like things may be coming together.

If nothing else, I saved this game on my DVR.

And if anybody cares, Llama Jr. and I will be at opening night at Arrowhead and, as always when the Chiefs are in town, Casa De Llama is accepting visitors for the October 10 game here in Indy.



08-03-2010, 09:31 PM
Yeah, '94 would've been a great year if it weren't for those cheatin' Whiner's.:cuss: