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the Talking Can
08-18-2010, 01:56 PM

Heartland Health Practice Report: Wednesday

By Josh Looney

Posted 33 minutes ago

Turning the tide

Wednesday’s morning practice was one of the more “chipper” practices of camp, to say the least. In fact, head coach Todd Haley referred to the session as a “glass half-full day.”

Many of the coaches were unhappy with the concentration level and tempo throughout the beginning stages practice, and their feelings about the matter were well-heard.

“Today was kind of all over the place in different areas,” Haley said. “You heard some people whooping and hollering and kind of recognizing it.”

But as the Chiefs slugged through what looked to have the potential of a lost work day, something clicked. The Chiefs moved into the live portion of practice and the energy level of camp went up exponentially.

“When we get to those competitive things, they have to find a way to amp it up,” Haley said. “Today, despite a less than perfect practice, I think that everybody felt the energy levels go up, and regardless of who won this drill, the energy level rose. I think that we got a little bit better today because of it.”

Sometimes it takes a live goal-line set to change directions. At least, that’s what it took today.

The first-team defense was amped-up after shutting down the first-team offense on three consecutive goal-to-go situations from the three-yard line. We actually heard “Dee-Fence…Dee-Fence” chants at times.

The second and third plays of the series were arguably two of the best defensive stands that we’ve seen all of camp. Here’s how the series went…

1) DE Tyson Jackson and LB Jovan Belcher were part of a cloud of red jerseys that swarmed RB Thomas Jones at the line of scrimmage.

2) NT Ron Edwards shot his way through the line of scrimmage to trip-up RB Jackie Battle behind the line of scrimmage, while the rest of the defense pursued to finish the play.

3) S Eric Berry had the defensive sideline erupting after closing in from his safety post to meet RB Javarris Williams on a sweep just inches short of the pylon. Belcher did a nice job of stringing the play out to give Berry time to fill, and Berry’s pad level on the play resulted in a loud thud as Williams lowered his shoulder. The pylon actually moved on the play, but it was from the result of Berry and not Williams.

The second-team offense would get revenge with a play-action pas to FB Tim Castille that pulled nearly all of the linebackers into the line of scrimmage. The play inspired the offense to have words of their own following the celebration that defense put on after Berry’s stop of Williams.

The feel of practice definitely changed during the goal-line series.

“We made a step today, because we turned the tide,” Haley said. “However we did it. Whatever the catalyst was, it got going.”

Practice Inactives

QB Brodie Croyle

G Darry Harris

S Jon McGraw

RB Kesthan Moore

S Jarrad Page

The only news on the injury front Wednesday was the return of McGraw to the “rehab zone.” McGraw was part of the biking area on Monday, but returned to work out with the team during yesterday’s practice. Today, it was back to the bikes.

All of the other players were inactive yesterday, for one reason or another.

Wiegmann Eyes 10,000

When 15-year veteran Casey Wiegmann returned to Kansas City, he knew that a position battle with Rudy Niswanger for the Chiefs starting center loomed. That hasn’t changed. Wiegmann has received the first-team reps this week while the player that he once mentored, Niswanger, took the first-team snaps last week.

But on the line for Wiegmann is more than just a challenge for a starting role with the Chiefs front five; there is an incredible streak at stake as well.

Wiegmann currently has an unbelievable active streak of 9,078 straight offensive snaps played. He hasn’t missed a game, much less a snap, since Brian Waters made a spot-start at center way back on September 23, 2001.

Known for his blue-collar work ethic and quiet off-the-field demeanor, Wiegmann isn’t one for personal accomplishments. Regardless, the Cal Ripken-like streak is something that is never far from his mind.

“I take great pride in being out on the field and helping my teammates,” Wiegmann said. “A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to try and make 10,000, so that’s another reason that I’m back here. But I know that I’m in a position battle with Rudy and its just part of the job.”

Wiegmann’s consecutive snaps streak is by far the longest active streak of any NFL offensive lineman. Going forward, it may never be topped; particularly with the size and speed of today’s NFL players. It’s an accomplishment that even Wiegmann struggles to find an explanation for.

“I don’t know how my body does it, and I think about it all the time,” Wiegmann said. “I don’t know. I’ve just been blessed.”

His best guess for rationalizing the ridiculously impressive streak is a foundation installed upon him as a high school player.

“I was brought up by a good high school coach that taught me the value of hard work and work ethic and you just keep going from there,” Wiegmann said.

Wiegmann’s high school coach was the late Ed Thomas, who was tragically murdered in the Aplington-Parkersburg High School weight room in 2009. Thomas helped churn out four active NFL players (Wiegmann, C Brad Meester, DE Jared DeVries and DE Aaron Kampman) despite a population in Parkersburg, Iowa of just 1,084.

Horne Goes Cruz

Rookie WR Jeremy Horne’s former college teammate Victor Cruz hit the national scene on Monday Night Football earlier this week. Like Horne, Cruz is a rookie free agent wide receiver out of UMass. In Cruz’s NFL debut on MNF he notched six receptions for 148 yards with three TDs, capped off by this one-handed grab.

Horne, on the other hand, has yet to log a preseason reception, but he’s gotten loose plenty of times in training camp and was open on two deep incomplete passes at Atlanta. Today, Horne had the catch-of-the-day with a very Cruz-like one-handed grab down the right sideline. He also caught another deep pass during 11 vs. 11.

“I’m going to try and keep up the UMass tradition, I guess,” Horne said after practice.

And about the continued success in the deep passing game?

“Got to do it in the game; that’s where it counts,” Horne said.

Though Haley was hesitant to put Horne’s overall training camp performance at a higher level than that of his fellow rookie free agents, he did indicate that Horne is turning some heads.

“Jeremy Horne has done some things to get noticed,” Haley said.

Other Notables

* T Ryan O’Callaghan had a nice one-on-one period going head-to-head against OLB Tamba Hali
* DE Tyson Jackson showed off an impressive swim move to get past T Colin Brown
* QB Bill Stull didn’t look like he’d been away from the team for four-plus months; he hit WR Verran Tucker on two deep passes and put together a consecutive completion streak during team period
* LB Derrick Johnson picked off Tyler Palko after quickly dropping into an effective position during pass coverage
* Former DE Bobby Greenwood repped as a right tackle for the second-straight day
* RB Tervaris Johnson, who was waived/injured over a week ago and brought back to the team on the injured reserve list, was outside doing cardio on the bikes

The Cheifs will be back on the practice field tonight under the lighs of Spratt Stadium at 7:15 PM

the Talking Can
08-18-2010, 01:58 PM
i wish harris would get healthy

08-18-2010, 02:34 PM
I sum up the defense success as......."the o line still sucks big time"

08-18-2010, 02:38 PM
I sum up the defense success as......."the o line still sucks big time"

Reminds me of when Johnny Morton said our 2ndary was the best he'd ever played against.ROFLROFLROFL

08-18-2010, 03:16 PM
I sum up the defense success as......."the o line still sucks big time"

After watching the first preseason game we can now get a handle of what's really going on in TC.

And our offense sucks the shit is what's really going on.

08-18-2010, 05:17 PM
After watching the first preseason game we can now get a handle of what's really going on in TC.

And our offense sucks the shit is what's really going on.

You forgot to mention that our defense sucks ass too.

08-18-2010, 05:42 PM
T Jack better step it up this year.

08-18-2010, 06:41 PM
Wonder what will Sat bring...?

08-18-2010, 06:47 PM
Wonder what will Sat bring...?

Whining and gnashing of teeth.

Dave Lane
08-19-2010, 06:02 AM
T jack and Cassel and stuff and vague threats to their manhood and money.

beach tribe
08-19-2010, 10:45 AM
I just hope he turns out to be an above average DE. I think a solid NT would go a long way towards helping everyone. I'm expecting Dorsey to be a force this season. As much a 5-tech can be anyway.