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09-08-2010, 05:07 PM
Hello -

Since winning the Republican primary last month, Senator McCain has spent the past few weeks traveling all around Arizona uniting our party for victory this November. As Senator McCain said in his election night speech, he’s confident that together we can win historic victories this fall and bring the right kind of change to Washington. It all starts here in Arizona, so we thank you for your continued hard work toward victory on November 2nd.
It is important that everyone understands the critical choice voters will have this fall. Senator McCain has fundamental and stark differences with his Democrat opponent, former Tucson City Councilman Rodney Glassman.

On the issue of border security, Rodney Glassman is actually more liberal than Barack Obama! He’s against completing the fence and deploying National Guard troops to help secure the border. He opposes SB 1070 and even calls the vast majority of Arizonans who support our immigration law “the fringe.” Glassman has even said he wants to model his Senate service on that of his mentor, Congressman Raul Grijalva -- the leading advocate of the boycott against Arizona!

On the critical issues of jobs and the economy, Rodney Glassman supports Obama’s big-spending liberal agenda that’s killing jobs and plunging America further into debt. Glassman endorsed ObamaCare -- the government takeover of our health care system that’s hurting our economy and raising health care costs right now. He supports Obama’s failed $787 billion “stimulus” spending spree – and he still wants to spend more!

We’re compiling these critical facts about Rodney Glassman’s out-of-the-mainstream liberal views on our website, johnmccain.com. Please share this information with your friends and help us get the message out!

Your help is still vitally important. Please volunteer and help us spread Senator McCain’s message across Arizona.

Again, John and Cindy thank you for all your hard work and let's continue to move forward together for victory in November.

Thank you,

Mark Buse
Campaign Manager, McCain 2010