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09-20-2010, 12:06 AM
cassel sucks. any throw down the field is usually off target.
mccluster didn't get a touch until 12 minutes into the game. ayfkm. he's the most explosive guy we got.
arenas needs to learn he can't retrurn every ball. he's going to lose a fumble doing that shit soon.
barry richardson was serviceable but struggled.
succop hasn't shown traces of sophomore slump yet.
colquitt is still our mvp
berry is a big liability on defense. hopefully he'll grow and become dependable
liked the guts from the coaching staff to go for it on 4th and 1. herm probably punts it.
if we need a yard we need to be able to line up and get it. i remember two third and 1's where we didn't get the yard. and we possibly only got the 4th and 1 because of a good spot.
bowe came away with some good grabs. showing he can be a number 1. had a drop week 1 if i remember right.
the te moeki (sp?) has done well
I hope brodie is staying ready. we may need him later in the year.
our special teams coverage has been solid. I liked kicking away from cribbs.
our run defense has been very good.
the pass rush is non-exisistent at times.
derrick johnson strung together a pretty nice game.
flowers is a beast
get well soon tyson jackson
are the wrs not getting open or is cassel not finding them?
we are 2-0. very fortunate to be 2-0 and I like our odds at 3-0 going into the bye week.
our offense is SLOOOOOOW getting started.
our defense/special teams are probably out scoring the offense
I want to see mccluster worked more into the offense. as well as charles. we need our explosive guys to get touches.
matt cassel needs to quit staring down his wr's. way to many tipped balls. 1 which led to a INT. thankfully phil dawson missed the fg.

bring on the 49ers!

09-20-2010, 12:19 AM
This offense has the talent to be pretty damn good if we just had a QB. When you have guys like Charles & McCluster, and your not giving them the damn ball, it's pretty frustrating. We drafted McCluster in the 2nd round, I thought to be a big offensive weapon, not just a part time punt returner. 2-0 feels great, but the way the offense is looking and the decisions by Haley and co. not to give JC the ball and involve Dex somehow is maddening.