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10-18-2010, 02:24 AM
Chiefs can’t hold fourth-quarter lead in loss to Texans (http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/17/2323263/chiefs-cant-hold-fourth-quarter.html)
The Kansas City Star

HOUSTON | In the recent past, this type of game would have carried the aura of inevitability for the Chiefs. They would have watched as the other guys, in this case the Houston Texans, made all of the right plays in the final moments.

The Chiefs, emboldened by their quick start to the season, had reason to believe they were beyond that kind of thing. That’s why they were almost shocked speechless by a fourth-quarter collapse in which they allowed three touchdowns and lost 35-31.

“I don’t know if I can (explain the game) right now,” safety Jon McGraw said. “I’m just trying to take a minute and process what just happened.”

The Chiefs will have plenty of time to break down exactly what happened before Sunday’s game against Jacksonville at Arrowhead Stadium. For the time being, it was enough for them to contemplate that they allowed more points in the fourth quarter than they had in any full game this season.

They wasted an opportunity to get another step on San Diego, the four-time defending AFC West champion. The Chargers also lost on Sunday.

The 3-2 Chiefs are still in first place in their division, but suddenly their hold on the top spot seems a lot more tentative. The outlook on the rest of the season feels shakier.

They could stomach the previous week’s loss to Indianapolis, chalking it up succumbing to a more experienced opponent. The loss to the Texans rattled many of the reasons the Chiefs had to feel good about themselves.

They led by 14 points in the third quarter and twice by 10 points later in the game, but none of that was good enough.

“What’s critical for our team to understand is that we are not there yet,” coach Todd Haley said. “A lot of people may think that’s just coaching rhetoric or just some angle, but it’s not. I’ve been telling it pretty much the way it is.”

The Chiefs took the lead late in the first half, and for some time after that answered the Texans with scores of their own. Kansas City cranked up the passing game, and quarterback Matt Cassel and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe each delivered big games.

That gave the Chiefs thoughts of a new inevitability.

“We were as in control as you can be in the NFL,” McGraw said. “You never count a team out, especially a team as explosive as the Texans. But we were feeling confident we put ourselves in position to win the game, but obviously it was far from over.”

Indeed, at a point midway though the fourth quarter the Chiefs were done scoring. The Texans didn’t finish until quarterback Matt Schaub tossed an 11-yard touchdown pass to Andre Johnson for the go-ahead points with 28 seconds left.

That play put the exclamation point on the message to the Chiefs that last season isn’t necessarily and completely in the past. They may have frustrated Peyton Manning and the Colts last week, but not to the point where Haley wasn’t watching the second half unfold Sunday without plenty of angst.

“(Houston) is an explosive, explosive team,” Haley said. “Take nothing away from Indy. Indy is a great, great offense, one of the great offenses of all time, but it’s a very different type of offense. Indy’s just doesn’t have the explosive nature this team does.

“I was watching the game like everybody else. It was clear we were going to be hard-pressed in some of those matchups.”

The Texans had almost as many yards in the fourth quarter (185) as they had in the three other periods (236). They picked on cornerback Brandon Flowers, arguably the Chiefs’ best defensive player, for the big play on the winning drive. Johnson caught a 31-yard pass against Flowers and put the Texans in scoring range.

Flowers was also called for pass interference, though he argued Johnson should have been penalized and the play erased instead.

“Everybody thought that,” he said.

In fairness to Flowers, he was just one of Houston’s late-game victims. Everyone who played defense for the Chiefs shared in the blame in one way or another.

“On our part, it was just a lack of focus on the (defense),” safety Eric Berry said. “We put a lot on ourselves, and we take a lot of pride in what we do. That kind of hurt us. We needed to step up and take control of the game, and we kind of let it slip through.”

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"... kind of let it slip through ..." ???

Dude ... you were gashed like a London prostitute on a date with Jack The Ripper.


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"... kind of let it slip through ..." ???

Dude ... you were gashed like a London prostitute on a date with Jack The Ripper.


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