View Full Version : Chiefs Becoming a 'Good' Team

Art Vader
10-18-2010, 12:00 PM
Haley always says "we're not a good team yet"... what I'm wondering is WHEN he expects the team to be good, especially with next season in jeopardy. Could we realistically be good by the end of this season, or is he talking more along the lines of the 3rd or 4th year of his regime?

The last 2 games I had already picked as losses for us so I was more surprised by the fact that we really scared both of those teams and put ourselves in positions to win both of the games (while showing the national media/fans that we are no longer a complete joke).
IMO the fashion of these two losses will bring the team even closer together as far as the 'will' to win, and offer outstanding learning experiences to help the young players become smarter situationally.

I believe part of the problem is that the team is SO used to not winning that it becomes unfamiliar territory and contributes to the meltdowns we've seen.

I think the next few weeks of our schedule is an opportunity for the players to grow more accustomed to winning games. Once they realize they CAN win on a regular basis, THEN they will subconsciously understand what it takes to finish games and secure wins more often when put in situations similar to the past couple of weeks, helping to solidify Haley's 'good team'... which I, for one, think CAN occur by the end of this season.

These guys are at school right now. If the AFC West continues to gift us the division lead, we could reach the playoffs... The Test... where great teams beat good teams, but good teams are afforded the opportunity to make some noise and take the next step towards becoming a great team.