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11-08-2010, 06:51 AM
Had a chili cook-off to go to at a friend's house. Of course he didn't have the sunday ticket so we watched the Colt's game (room full of Colt's fans of course). Got home in time to see Ford snatch the catch from Flowers and the ensuing loss. Big let down from my second place finish in the chili cook-off with my smoked chicken chili.


1. What an awful game from an officiating standpoint. Missed calls both directions. It's one thing to call a sloppy game, but many of those were either ticky-tacky or non-existant. You get those all the time in a game, but when you throw 27 flags in a game, they had better be legit. The fans got hosed.

2. Not that I think Miller's knee was down, but if replay exists, then any score or change of possession should be reviewable. Sure Cable blew his challenges early, but if the officiating was that bad (and it was) you cannot limit challenges to just 2 or 3, especially on scores or COP.

3. Any game plan that calls for Cassel to throw the ball 35 times and Jones to get 19 carries while Charles gets 10 is utter fail.

4. No team in the league has more than 6 wins. This loss tightened the race in the AFC west, but KC is among a lot of teams still in the hunt.

5. KC has been able to win this season because it plays good, solid defense and special teams, doesn't turn it over and runs the ball. That is usually a recipe for having a solid season and being tough to beat. the one thing that separates the tough to beat teams from the elite teams is talent. When you don't give the one player (Charles) on your team with talent the ball, you will not separate yourself form the pack. Simple as that.

6. Flowers didn't lose the game. He had tight coverage and the WR made a great play both times. Flowers wins more than his share.

7. That whole sequence around halftime was the ball game. The pick, and the kick return was the game. Oakland was doing NOTHING up to that point and those two plays gave them life and hope.

11-08-2010, 06:57 AM
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