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11-24-2010, 10:39 AM
We have an 18 player roster limit in our league. So far my team is:

QB: Flacco, Campbell
RB: Charles, Green-Ellis, P. Thomas, J. Stewart, L. Blount, B. Jackson
WR: A. Johnson, C. Johnson, M. Williams (TB), J. Knox, Sims-Walker, B. Tate
K: Mare, Kaeding
DEF: Chiefs, Dolphins

We're allowed one IR spot on our team. Once we place a person on the "IR" we're not allowed to bring them back off and they're not playable for the rest of the season.

Pierre Thomas and Jonathan Stewart (My 3rd and 4th round picks this year) haven't done shit for me. I don't want to kill Thomas yet because he might be back for the playoffs....but Stewart isn't going to do shit when he gets back....because the Panthers are horrible and Goodson has been playing well.

I don't want to drop him because of the DeAngelo Williams contract situation for next year. We're allowed to keep one player. If Williams leaves Carolina....then Stewart might be valuable because he'd be the "featured back".

So should I use my IR spot on Stewart right now and open up a roster spot on my team?

11-25-2010, 02:10 AM
If I was looking for roster space I'd dump one of QB's, K, or DEF first or are you required to carry 2 of each. :hmmm: