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11-25-2010, 10:31 PM
I'm not a Bama or Auburn fan, but I love rivalries and I love the SEC and college football in general. I found this write-up from someone on another forum and thought it was interesting.

People in the state of Alabama look forward to this game every year. This is without doubt the most bitter Rivalry in the nation. There have been murders,suicides, and divorces over this game. People in the state of Alabama have taken this game and made it something it should not be. It goes without saying this is always a big game no matter what the current records of the respective teams are.

This year Auburn comes into this contest ranked #2 in the country at a 11-0. Alabama is 9-2 ranked #11 in the country. Obviously to the outside world Auburn is the clear better team with more to play for. Auburn win or lose will be playing the following week in the SEC Championship game against South Carolina.

Just last year Alabama came into this game on the road to Auburn with the same record as Auburn this season as big road favorite and the superior team and was hit in the mouth playing an Auburn team that had nothing to lose. Auburn raced out to a 14-0 lead early and stunned Alabama out of the gates with better play behind the support of an amazing home crowd. It was not until the closing minutes of the game that Alabama finally took the lead and went on to win the game 26-21.

So what's changed from Auburns 8-5 overall record 3-5 in conference play and Alabama's undefeated National Championship season just last year? For starters for Auburn it is Cam Newton. Cam Newton is one of the best college football players the SEC has ever seen and probably the country. Another contributing factor is Auburn's schedule. Auburn has benefitted greatly from having it's toughest opponents at home this season, LSU, Arkansas, and Georgia. Which BTW, they were blown out by all 3 on the road last year and was trailing South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia by at least a TD at home in the 2H this season and did not put LSU away until the waning minutes of the game at home this season. Auburn only won one road game last season and has only played 3 road games this season. Auburn beat Miss St 17-14 in there SEC opener by stopping Miss St on the last possession of the game. Auburn beat Kentucky 34-31 by kicking a FG as time expired. Auburn beat Ole Miss solidly 51-31 on the road. The same Ole Miss team that was stunned 49-48 by Jacksonville St a divII school at home, the same Ole Miss team that was beat solidly by 2TD's at home to Vandy, the same Ole Miss team that was blown out on the road at Tennessee 52-14. Do we see a trend here people?

Bottomline, Auburn is a very good team that has benefitted from a friendly home schedule and alot of luck. At home this year for Auburn, Clemson threw a TD pass just off the fingertips to a wide open reciever in OT that would have won the game. Clemson then settled for a FG to tie the game in OT and the kick was good, but called back due to the center moving the ball ever so slightly pre snap. Clemson retried the kick and it failed and Auburn got the win. South Carolina was leading Auburn 20-14 @ half at Auburn this year but turned the ball over 4 times in the 2H to give the game away. Also @ home this year Auburn was trailing Arkansas 43-37 in the 4Q of a game that Ryan Mallet was knocked out of early and gave up over 300 yds passing to the back up QB in one half of play?? Also, Auburn was trailing Georgia 21-7 after the 1Q of play at home just last game and went on to win 49-31 winning going away. DO WE SEE A TREND PEOPLE??

Auburn has trailed by at least a TD and sometimes 2TD's at home this year to quality SEC opponents. Give Auburn credit, they have been a resilent bunch in games and amid all the Cameron Newton scandal as well.

Let's talk about Alabama now. Alabama begun the season off the heels of an undefeated 14-0 and National Championship season last year. Expectations were very high this season for the Tide although many of the contributors to the Championship defense were lost to the NFL. Alabama replaced almost all of them with just as good of athletes, but most lack the experience and intelligence of career starters. Alabama's young secondary has made crucial mistakes at times that have cost Alabama on the ROAD to very good opponents in South Carolina and LSU. There are no excuses for the South Carolina loss 35-21 on the ROAD. South Carolina was coming off a bye and Bama was playing there 3rd straight quality SEC opponent and 2 of them were on the road. South Carolina hit Alabama in the mouth early and was clearly the more physical, better team that day. Alabama's other loss was LSU 24-21 on the ROAD. A game Bama led throughout but the secondary was exposed twice late and that made the difference. Both of Alabama's losses were on the road to 2 very good opponets coming off a BYE. LSU technically wasn't they played Mcneese St the week before which they slept walk through and was obvious no preparation or effort was put in to that game. It was a glorified practice under the lights for LSU that they won 32-10.

Alabama has won 21 straight home games and have not lost at home since 2007. All home wins this season for Alabama has been won by 13 pts or more

As I mentioned earlier, Alabama came in to this season with high expectations. National Championship expectations have been lost, SEC Championship expectations have been lost, all lost on the road. All that is left now, really other than an outside shot of playing in a BCS Bowl game for Alabama is the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP which is at home. To the outside world winning the State Championship of Alabama and wrecking Auburns undefeated season might not mean much but it means everything in that state. Alabama's season would be rectified and the losses and dissappointments would be wiped clean with a win on Friday.

Alot of legacies are on the line for Alabama and coach Nick Saban come Friday. This will be the last home game for starting QB Greg Mcelroy who is very underrated. He is not fancy or highly touted but the kid WINS. Players like Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and others may not return to play next season if there draft status is good enough. This is not the first time Greg Mcelroy has played in a big game where the opposing QB came in with more hype and fan fare. The other 2 times were Tebow, Mccoy, both Alabama convincing wins.

Back to Cam Newton. The kid is a talent. I really believe it and I have bought the hype, but I also know he is very inexperienced are not experienced at all in the world he will enter come Friday. Newton was Tebow's water boy at Florida and left amid buying stolen property charges to transfer to Blinn JR college for one season last year. Newton has shined under the bright lights of Auburn this season and winning 3 road games against SEC cellar dwellars that do not house the same passionate fan base as Alabama. Maybe Miss St is not bad anymore, but they seat like 50,000 fans only, Kentucky is a basketball school and fans don't attend home games, and Ole Miss is dysfunctional and seated just 61,000 fans the day Auburn beat them and half were probably Auburn fans. Come Friday Cam Newton will be relied upon to guide his team in front of over 102,000 fans at Byant Denny where the fans feel like they are chocking you at field level. It will be the loudest most hostile environment the Newton has ever had to operate under. His team will not be able to hear the snap count. All these things need to be taken into consideration. Also, what needs to be considered is Cam Newton and the allegations that his father was pimping him out for money at Miss St. That is a huge distraction that hasn't come to frution yet, but down deep in other players minds they don't look at him as the same as they did before. Most of Auburns players are Auburn guys that bleed Orange and Blue. Newton looks like a hired gun. So far his team has rallied behind him because there has been a prize in the end for them.. SEC,NAt. Cahmpionship. If adversity hits early in front of 102,000 of the most hostile rednecks Alabama has to offer doubt will creep in and many of his teammates will come to grips with a loss, and look towards the SEC Championship as a game still in front of them. Those kind of thoughts creep in on the sideline at Bryant Denny Stadium. It needs to be strongly taken into consideration that Auburn has trailed every quality opponent at home this season and rallied to win with the energy of the home crowd. It stands to reason that Auburn will find themselves behind against Alabama come Friday in front of 102,000 screaming beliderant rednecks. It will be hard to rally in that environment. There will be Auburn fans at the game, but make no mistake it will be a pro Bama crowd and the sound will be deafening. If Auburn gets hit in the mouth early like Alabama was by them last year and goes down 2 TD's.. You will not see an Auburn rally in that environment with doubt creeping in amongst other distractions. Nick Saban has been known to have a trick or 2 up his sleeve for a dominat player and if Newton is just contained they have no chance. Newton has to be on another level for Auburn to win this game and even if he is there chances are not good with the defense Auburn has. I expect Alabama will run a no huddle up tempo offense to gas Auburn's defense. Auburn likes to rotate players and keep fresh bodies in the game to pressure the QB. I expect Bama will come out fast and exploit Auburns awful secondary and gas the defense by an up tempo style offense and then go to work on the ground game keeping Auburn and Newton off the field as much as possible.

Auburn will enter Friday #2 ranked team in the country, but don't be shocked if they leave the #2 ranked team in Alabama. Alabama comes in this game as the public underdog, but the Las Vegas Favorite.. scary combination.

11-25-2010, 10:37 PM
Oooohh..an SEC write-up.

DaKCMan will be along shortly to fap in this thread.

11-25-2010, 10:38 PM
Some of that Cam Newton stuff seems to be not totally true, but the rest of it is. I'm excited for the game.

11-25-2010, 11:38 PM
I will be in attendance for this game. You should see Tuscaloosa right now. It's like fucking Hamsterdam out on the Strip by campus. I've never seen so many hired security guards. The Houndstooth feels like it could break out into a gigantic fight at any second. Tomorrow is going to be utterly insane.

The key matchup in the game is going to be Auburn's supreme bad-ass D-Tackle, Nick Fairley, against Alabama's disappointing interior offensive line. QB Greg McElroy, who is Mark Castle incarnate, is going to need time in the pocked in order to pick apart Auburn's horrendous secondary. Fairley is going to be determined not to let McElroy have that time. As for Cam, well, he's going to get his rushing yards. No doubt in my mind that he could put up 100 rushing yards tomorrow. 'Bama's secondary needs to play well. They've done it before and need to do it again so as to limit Cam's passing game. If Auburn can become one-dimensional and let the Tide build a small lead, then the energy from the crowd should help carry the Tide to a narrow victory.

Both my heart and my head, though, say that Auburn will win tomorrow. But I can't wait to see the Tide show me wrong. The energy level around this game feels like the 2007 Border War.