View Full Version : Other Sports ESPN's sporting events and broadcast scheduling

12-01-2010, 08:53 PM
Please allow me to rant.....

Why cant the idiots at the East Coast Sports Network schedule "buffer" time between their college bb games?

What's the worst that can happen.....a game ends early and you get to watch analysts in the studio actually give you a preview of the next game???

I'm so sick and tired of hustling home to watch a game....to then be force-fed the end of a sh*tbag Big East or Big Ten matchup (where the score is in the 40's with a minute or two left)....and murphy's law, the game goes to OT - and I miss nearly half or more of the first half of my game???

Tonight, yet another example....Duke/Michigan St....and no one outside of Carolina is seeing it, due to ESPN's ridiculous scheduling.

Here endeth the rant!