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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Quotes to Remember
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This weekend’s match-up between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs has conjured up many great memories of this historic rivalry. Throughout the years, players and coaches that have participated in these epic battles have given memorable quotes that describe the intensity and zealous nature for both clubs when they meet. Here are some:

“It’s a dark game. I characterize it as a lot of darkness.” – Gunther Cunningham (Raiders defensive coordinator and Chiefs head coach/defensive coordinator)

“In Oakland…the games you always really wanted to come see were the Niners and the Chiefs. You grew up hating red…It goes deep. It’s not just the teams. It’s the organizations, you know, which organization is better? These are two teams that played in the old AFL against each other. Most of the history goes back to it. They’ve been AFC West rivals for a very, very long time. It’s always been the must-win game.” — Kirk Morrison* (former Raiders linebacker)

“Only one word: Blood.” — Harvey Williams (RB, played for the Raiders and Chiefs)

“I never liked the Raiders.” – Todd Haley (current Chiefs head coach)

“We knew we had to go through Oakland to win the championship, and they knew they had to go through Kansas City. That made it a very bitter rivalry.” – Hank Stram (Hall of Fame coach of the Chiefs)

“The one constant you can count on in playing the Raiders is that they don’t finish. They don’t finish plays and they don’t finish games. I always told my players that if they kept playing hard against the Raiders, they would eventually fold. That is why I knew we would always win. That is still the perception around the league.” – Marty Schottenheimer (former Chiefs head coach)

“I’ll admit that early in the week, I wasn’t really caught up in the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry. But I’m caught up in it now. You betcha!” – Marty Schottenheimer

“Every time we play the Raiders, it’s a dogfight, no matter what the records are or where we play the game. It’s always a smash mouth game between us, back to when Buck Buchanan and Art Shell were playing. You’d better wear your mouthpiece in this game, I guarantee you that. It gets violent out there.” – former Chiefs defensive lineman Dan Saleaumua

“Marty does it the old fashioned way, he gets up and screams and cries. Marty could win an Oscar. He used to talk about how he has no respect for the Raiders.” – Harvey Williams

“[Al Davis] told me he was going to get me. I think he’s tried to ruin the latter part of my career, tried to devalue me. I think he’s trying to stop me from going to the Hall of Fame.” – Former Raiders and Chiefs running back Marcus Allen

“What went through my mind was, maybe I can break Lenny Dawson’s ribs and he won’t be able to play next week. Maybe they’ll lose and we’ll be back in first place.” – Raiders DE Ben Davidson

“Those were my favorite games. I always likened them to a heavyweight fight. You knew you were going to get beat up, but it was fun. We needed the Chiefs. We wouldn`t have been as good without them.” – Ben Davidson

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I hate howie long...

Heres another one:

"I once told Willie Scott, the Chiefs tight end. It may be legal, but do it again and I'll come down with my three-quarter inch spikes and rip your ribs off." -- Howie Long
JockBio.com: What was it like playing in those Raider-Chief games in the early '70s?

Phil Villapaino: Those games tended to get out of hand, and the refs usually called them close. I remember when one of the Chiefs tried a crack-back block on me. I spun out of it, moved toward the sideline, and made the tackle. I looked down and I saw Hank Stram’s shoe. I pounded it with my fist as hard as I could.

JockBio.com: What’s your version of the famous fight in the 1973 game?

Phil Villapiano: That was a major game. The Western Division title was on the line, and we were killing them. I was coming across the field on a play and saw George Atkinson club their running back, Ed Podolak—a real cheap shot right in front of the KC sideline. Then I saw Jeff Kinney, who was on the bench, getting ready to hit Ack. Well, I nailed this guy. I hit him as hard as I could. I ended up under the Chiefs’ bench, I just disappeared. Guys were hitting me and kicking me. My father, my brother and a friend of mine—Red D’Angelis, a mailman from Asbury Park—were sitting right in that part of the stands. They tried to climb over the rail to help me but the police stopped them.

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We're going to paint your team Red and Paint your wife white...Uhhhh!
-Iowanian 2011