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01-03-2011, 09:54 PM
Our league does things a little different in that our fantasy play-offs go along with the NFL Play-Offs.Top 6 (of 12 teams) will get to keep any NFL players in post-season on roster (if we choose to) and also redraft (at $5 per player) from the bottom 6 teams players but we have to maintain a roster as we did in the regular season so there's no loading up on a position.The fantasy play-off consists of a point totals tourney and as long as we have active players we go through to the actual NFL Super Bowl with the overall fantasy points deciding the fantasy SB winner.

Needless to say it's imperative to be aware of the first round bye teams while still trying to field a good scoring squad wildcard weekend.

My question...I already own Flacco,Charles,T.Jones and KC D so if I keep them all I'm guaranteed a slot or slots in round 2.I'm seriously considering cutting Jones and going after some available bye week rb's (depending on my draft position) like Michael Turner and /or Green Ellis and Woodhead and was curious to know what other (trying not too hard to be KC homers) fantasy football enthusiasts thought.

BTW,we can carry 4 rb's(5 if we use our XP at that slot) and I already own Tomlinson as well.

Jewish Rabbi
01-04-2011, 02:03 AM
I'd pick Turner out of those 3. And yes, dump Jones.