View Full Version : Chiefs Favorite, and least favorite, Chiefs playoff teams?

01-10-2011, 10:54 AM
My top 3 (in no order):

1993 - They weren't statistically great on offense or defense, but they just won. Montana wasn't great, (and oft injured), but they found a way to get to the AFC Championship game. I'll never forget that run.

1995 - I really thought we had a chance to do some damage. However, when we started throwing the ball all over the place against Indy in -15 degree weather, I knew that our coaching staff had retard sandwiches for breakfast.

2003 - What a fun offense to watch. 30+ points per game, guaranteed. Great special teams too. And that defense! Yeah...anyone? Bueller?

My bottom 3 (in no order):

1994 - Joe Montana's last season was fairly pedestrian. The defense was solid most of the year, sans a few blowouts. But that team was about as inconsistent as they come. They had some momentum going into the playoffs, winning their final two. But Dan Marino carved up the defense, and the offense faded away in the 3rd quarter.

2006 - Herm's first season. Green gets injured the first game, Huard comes in and throws 11 TDs and just 1 INT. With the help of three colossal meltdowns by other teams in the final week, the Chiefs made the playoffs. If there were ever a more boring season, combined with complete ineptitude in the Wild Card game, I had yet to see it.

2010 - I said towards the end of the season, that this Chiefs team was one of my least favorite. I don't know why. Maybe because they were so inconsistent. I was never really sold on Cassel or the defense. There were precious few games that weren't downright ugly to watch. They limped into the playoffs after a horrendous game against the Raiders, and then showed the nation proper technique on how to sh*t the bed.

Sofa King
01-10-2011, 10:59 AM
Is this a positive or negative thread? i need to know in case i have to rep someone.