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01-11-2011, 09:16 PM
So I've been giving a cursory thought to my previous seven semesters of college / three years of life and all the things that have occurred through that time. There's good, there's bad, and a lot of the in between. I've matured, grown less naive but definitely much more jaded. But that's neither here nor there really, it's just how things go.

What nags it me after looking back at pictures and my lame ass papers I still have saved, is the same thought:

You missed out, ****er!

Am I alone in this thinking, where my experiences are in some way less than the average yokel in a similar situation? And I don't intend to limit this to a college retrospective, I think it's flawed to say that going from 18/19 to 22/23 years old is going to be fundamentally different whether or not one is going to school.

CPers help me out here, and dispense with some wisdom whether it be anecdotes or epics. Or just mock me mercilessly for being a jackwagon in namby-pamby land.


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Sounds like you're not drinking enough.

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Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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what are you comparing it to? What the media presents as living your life? It gets better once you get chedda

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Get an X-box son

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So how long since she broke up with you?

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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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01-11-2011, 10:09 PM
I'm 24, almost 25. I miss college like hell, but its because I had such a great time. Are there things I'd do differently? Sure. But do I regret any of what I did do? nah. Not even the fat one(s) and that final I slept through. It was definitely time to be done when it ended, though.

There is some seperation anxiety that first year out, especially because you can directly compare what you are doing at that time with what is happening at school because you know what event is going on at that point in the year.

I'm 3 years out now, and its starting to feel like I am "older" and "out" of the college age range. There are responsibilities that are both scary and adventurous, and at the same time I am at peace with it. It's weird to think I'll be thirty in five short years, when I think about five years ago and I was a junior in college.

As Ferris says, "life moves fast." Embrace the present.

Now, quit rubbing your clit, put your big boy pants on, go get drunk even though its Tuesday.

You're missING out, fucker.

01-11-2011, 10:10 PM
About my 5th year at Juco was when I realized I wanted more out of my college experience than keeping 2 feet in bounds and rupturing vaginal walls.