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Tribal Warfare
01-12-2011, 07:16 AM
Haley has opening to fill again at offensive coordinator (http://www.kansascity.com/2011/01/11/2578017/haley-has-opening-to-fill-again.ht)
The Kansas City Star

Todd Haley just completed his second season with the Chiefs and will soon begin the process of hiring his third offensive coordinator. That’s not counting Haley himself, who spent the 2009 regular season as the coordinator.

After firing Chan Gailey, his original coordinator, and then losing this year’s play-caller, Charlie Weis to the University of Florida, Haley is gaining the reputation of a coach who is difficult to work for.

Haley disagreed with that notion and said it wouldn’t hurt him during the job search.

“I don’t think that,” Haley said. “That’s not something I’ve thought about or considered. I’m going to continue to do things that I know as the head coach have the ship going in the right direction.”

Candidates could include Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Greg Olson and former Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. But Olson has another year left on his Tampa Bay contract and the Chiefs may not be able to pry him loose.

Haley said he would examine the possibility of doing the job himself again next season.

“I’ll consider anything, but it’s going to be a very thorough evaluation of the entire system,” he said. “We had a real good coordinator here in Charlie that has moved on to Florida. We have to make sure we continue to develop our coaches and have good coaches on the staff. That’s a critical part of having a successful team year in and year out.

“I’m interested in getting it right. I feel like last year, we got it right. We were able to continue to really make big progress in building the identity of this team and on top of that having some success to boot. What I want to make sure is that I do what’s best for our team and gives us the best chance to succeed.”

Haley denied a report by a radio station that he stripped Weis of play-calling duties during Sunday’s 30-7 first-round playoff loss to Baltimore at Arrowhead Stadium.

“Absolutely not true,” Haley said.

01-12-2011, 09:12 AM
SNR: Teicher has opening to fill again in his head

Jive Ass
01-12-2011, 09:59 AM
Putting himself at the helm again seems unwise. It seems like during that season he was stretched thin and I think that as long as we find the right candidate to make this offense more progressive that there's no reason for him to do that again. Furthermore, it just seems more comprehensive to look at that way. I can't see the Chiefs being as successful this year going the entirety under Haley's playcalling (not for lack of competence, but for lack of being superhuman and commanding all aspects of the field). Then again, why did Charles only get 9 carries against Baltimore under Weis?

I think we just need someone who understands the strong points of our offense and capitalizes by trying to turn a run-attack into a lackluster pass-attack.