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02-17-2011, 06:54 AM
Last night was just awesome.

Karl Rove was making the rounds, telling Bill-O and others how Obama needed to cut spending more, without the slightest fear that any kinswervitv FIXED host would ask Karl

"Gee, Karl, in the process of advising W to outpork, outsocialize, and outspend Jimmy Catta with a Dem Congress, why didn't YOU ever "advise" W to do something FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE, because W never did anything fiscally conservative while in office and presiding over his 8 year Bible Thumping Socialist Porkfest, where every part of the Federal Government saw dramatic spending increases, EVERY PART, including National Endowment for the ARTS, and that was before the bailouts started???"

Then there is this curious FIXED standard about Egypt.

You see, kinswervitv FIXED was all for keeping Mubarack, because Israel really liked Mubarack, and while it was kinswervitv to lie to sell out US troops in Iraq for a "demockeracy" that produced an "elected Iraqi President" who predictably went right to Tehran and kissed Ahmadinejad's rear, somehow it wasn't very kinswervitv to support organic democracy in Egypt...

Now, all of a sudden, all of W's kinswervitv FIXED hosts are sure that the "success" of the Egypt democratic revolution is really W's doing, that W gets the credit (even as everyone associated with W was against democracy for Egypt).

But, alas, don't forget to spend your final hours tonight in total fear of the Muslim Brotherhood....

Thanks for watching FIXED last night...