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03-02-2011, 07:55 PM
It stands to reason that this Union thing and democrats hiding out of state not doing their job is a bad thing for dems and unions. They try to spin it but there is no way they come out on top of this fight if for no other reason average joe does not run from his job and does not sleep on the capitol floor.

Another poll suggests liberals have struck fools' gold in Wisconsin

By: David Freddoso 03/02/11 5:19 PM

From the rumblings on the left-wing blogs, liberals seem to think they have struck political gold in Wisconsin. They've found an issue on which they sincerely beleive the public will support them -- protecting the rights of teachers and other government workers.

What they've really found is fools' gold.

A new survey of 1,800 registered voters from Quinnipiac University shows that the public's view of public-sector unionism is mixed at best, and on the whole leans against the unions. An overwhelming majority of 63 percent believe they should be contributing more to their benefits. Only 15 percent believe that government workers are underpaid. A plurality of 42 percent believe they are overpaid.

The public is split evenly, but slightly against the unions (45 to 42 percent) on the question of whether government workers should have their collective bargaining rights limited. They also split in favor of the Republican governors (47 to 41 percent) in their belief that Walker and others are putting the screws to unions because of legitimate budget problems, not simply to weaken unions.

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