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03-06-2011, 01:05 PM

Chiefs plan lockout work

Posted by Michael David Smith on March 6, 2011, 8:39 AM EST

Add the Kansas City Chiefs to the list of teams whose players are making plans to practice on their own if the owners lock them out.

Chiefs safety Eric Berry says he and many of his teammates have already agreed to get together in Kansas City in early April if a lockout prevents the team from organizing an offseason program.

“That’s the date we kind of set to come up and either have a meeting or something to kind of get on the same page,” Berry told the Kansas City Star. “We’ll probably move toward something like that, just to make sure we’re all in accord. Our goal is to come out ahead. I’ve been talking to everybody in the off-season. They’re pretty much ready to go. Everyone’s been working out and getting ready for this upcoming season. We don’t know when it’s going to start but I’m pretty sure the Chiefs are going to be ready.”

Added Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, “We will have to get the people together.”

Of course, the Chiefs don’t “have to” get together at all. If the owners are choosing not to pay the players, the players don’t have to work for free.

And a willingness to work for free may be harmful to the union’s cause. If the players tell the owners they’re going to practice for free during a lockout, there’s less incentive for the owners to get an agreement done quickly.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the more pro-union players on the Chiefs chime in and say they shouldn’t be organizing lockout workouts. Even if Chiefs fans have to love the fact that the team’s two best young players are dedicated enough that they want to work, whether they’re locked out or not.

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Berry and Charles.

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fuck the right 53 huh?
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**** the right 53 huh?
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Yeah just sign talented players. Doesn't matter if they are leaders or what not. Just talent.