View Full Version : Other Sports NCAA Tournament dream/nightmare scenarios

03-17-2011, 01:28 PM
Kansas (1)

Best Case: Every single ticket gets distributed legally as the Jayhawks march all the way to their fourth national title and second in the past four seasons. The Morris twins have defenses seeing double, hurting opponents inside and outside. Experienced guards hit key shots and play airtight defense. Deepest team in the country gets contributions from 10 players -- even Josh Selby! -- as Kansas rolls past Boston U, UNLV, Louisville and Notre Dame to Houston. Once there, the Jayhawks bounce Florida and then do what they did in 2008 -- rip Roy Williams and North Carolina. Bill Self signs a lifetime contract, Selby humbly acknowledges he's not ready for the NBA, the Morrises return as well, and Kansas is the prohibitive favorite to win it all again in 2012. Meanwhile, Missouri and Kansas State both get knocked out in the first round.

Worst Case: Emotionally immature team overlooks its round-of-32 game against UNLV and comes out flat. Marcus Morris is tossed for a flagrant elbow, Tyrel Reed and Brady Morningstar miss every perimeter jumper, and Tyshawn Taylor turns the ball over five times. Bill Self gets that familiar, Northern Iowa/Bucknell/Bradley sinking feeling again, watching his team unravel. Jayhawks are dismissed while Missouri makes an unlikely Sweet 16 run and Kansas State goes to the Final Four.

Kansas State (5)

Best Case: Team that hasn't lost to anybody but Colorado since January rejoices to see the Buffaloes left out of the bracket and begins plotting a Final Four run. Jacob Pullen makes it reality by averaging 30 points per game, making his beard the most famous this side of Fidel Castro's. Season-long underachievers Curtis Kelly and Jamar Samuels return to active, disruptive form inside. The Wildcats whip past Utah State, Belmont, Pittsburgh and Florida to reach Houston. At a key juncture against the Gators, Kansas State misses a box-out and allows a putback basket -- but coach Frank Martin endures it without committing homicide. Reassured that their coach only looks like an ax-murdering madman, as opposed to being one, K-State settles down and wins the game. Loss in national semifinals to Notre Dame doesn't hurt because Kansas was eliminated earlier.

Worst Case: After failed box-out in the first two minutes, Frank Martin's head explodes on the sideline, ruining his suit and hampering his team's ability to beat Utah State. Aggies coach Stew Morrill calls the Colorado staff to get the dope on beating the Wildcats and employs the same game plan to perfection. Under duress, K-State reverts to unintelligent offense and Pullen goes 4-for-23 from the field. Kelly and Samuels play in a fog. The Wildcats are forced to return to Manhattan, Kan., and watch Kansas win the national title.

Missouri (11)

Best Case: Tigers play well away from home for the first time in months. They romp past Cincinnati, then press dead-legged Connecticut into distress to reach the Sweet 16. Once there, they upset San Diego State before falling to Duke in the regional final. Kim English shoots 50 percent from the field in successive games for the first time all season -- yes, all season. Go-go guards Marcus Denmon, Flip Pressey and Michael Dixon push the pace relentlessly and force turnovers. Big men Laurence Bowers and Ricardo Ratliffe get some rebounds. And when Kansas is beaten by Louisville in the Sweet 16, Mizzou has outlasted the Jayhawks by at least one day for the third straight season.

Worst Case:: The team that hasn't beaten a member of the field of 68 since mid-January and hasn't won a big game all year outside the state of Missouri isn't going to start now. Tigers miss jump shots, give up easy baskets, get hammered on the glass and lose handily to Cincinnati in their opening game. Watching at home, Seth Greenberg fumes, "We could have done better than that!" Mike Anderson finally progresses past window shopping and takes an open job. Kansas wins another title.