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Can't wait for the holiday season follow up convention: "Spanksgiving!"


Kinky event draws ire in Fairview Heights

BY MARLON A. WALKER mwalker@post-dispatch.com > Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS Aldermen bickered Thursday night over responsibility for a sex-themed convention held in the city last weekend.

The event, billed as "Beat Me in St. Louis," was the focus of heated discussion at a meeting of the Board of Aldermen's law enforcement committee.

"This may not be the type of event we may want to be known for," Alderman Sandy Baldwin said. "I think of Fairview as being a place with great Midwest values. I don't believe (holding the convention here) would fit in with most residents' value system."

The convention, held at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and the Fountains Conference Center, was promoted as an exclusive event. It included sessions on water torture and bondage and clothing optional swimming.

Alderman Norm Miller said the hotel posted signs saying it was closed for a private function. Windows also were covered.

The issue, said Alderman Pat Baeske, is that the city sold itself short in the contract with the hotel. She said the city has no say in events there, although the convention center is city-owned.

The city has a contract with the hotel to run the conference center. The city is paying about $300,000 a year on bonds for the center and the hotel is paying $1 annually to lease the building over 20 years. After that, the hotel owners have an option to buy the center for $1.

Baldwin said the city receives $80,000 to $90,000 a year from hotel-motel taxes from the hotel.

"It hasn't been a good investment for the taxpayers," she said.

Many of the aldermen said they did not know the event was taking place in the city until late last week.

A flier circulated Saturday by Alderman Gil Klein blamed Mayor Gail Mitchell for allowing the event to take place on city-owned property.

"Mayor Mitchell wants to keep the largest porn convention in the Midwest a secret from the residents and other elected officials," the flier stated. "Do we need four more years of this type of leadership?"

Mitchell suggested the timing of the letter and an agenda change for the committee meeting to include discussion of the event were done purposely. Miller is on the ballot next month. Baldwin is challenging him.

"You saw me Friday night," Mitchell said to Miller and Klein. "Why in the world would you not tell me your concerns then? Why wait till Saturday morning ... and put out this nasty letter?"

The audience of about 40 people were divided among those who felt the event should not have been held in the city and those who felt the discussion about it was being used for political gain.

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