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[INDENT]Antifreeze Death: Dennis Auerswald Gets Life In Prison For Poisoning Wife
04/11/11 04:57 PM ET

MEDINA, Ohio A northeast Ohio man convicted in the antifreeze poisoning of his wife has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for 30 years.

Judge Christopher Collier sentenced 60-year-old Dennis Auerswald on Monday in Medina (meh-DY'-nah) County Common Pleas Court.

Auerswald was convicted of aggravated murder last month in the 2009 death of 60-year-old Maureen Auerswald.

Prosecutors believe he killed his wife with poisoned cranberry juice because he had money problems and wanted to collect $100,000 in life insurance money and date other women.

He told the judge he had nothing to do with his wife's death.

Defense attorney Robert Campbell says because his client is 60 years old any sentence would amount to a life term. He expects an appeal to be filed within a month.


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And, in today's Adventures in Synchronicity -

Before posting, I did a search to see if it was a repost. My search of ChiefsPlanet for "antifreeze" turned up only three matches. I thought, "what, in the last minute?" Then I noticed that I had mispelled the word as "antfreeze."

The amazing thing is what one of those three matches was.

HHO - Water Fuel Invention [video]



Clearwater FL, inventor developed a torch for welding that utilizes water instead of whatever they originally used... he then said, Hrmm...

Amazing video.

We don't need oil or gas. Water fuel is a reality. Drove 100 miles with 4 ounces of water in his converted 1994 Escort

posted by Ari Chi3fs 05-14-206 http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=140779&highlight=antfreeze!

Compare to http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=243788

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This thread is just SOOOOOOO Chiefs planet...:thumb::thumb:

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OK, which Planeteer is from Ohio and been missing for a while?

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Well, she won't overheat now.