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Quesadilla Joe
04-27-2011, 05:08 PM

1. Cam Newton QB Auburn

This is a tough one for me. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of a quarterback for the last three months. The Panthers took Jimmy Clausen a year ago in the second round, so by taking one here they're admitting a mistake. But if you don’t have a franchise guy, you can’t compete. Newton can run, he can pass. They’re going to have to protect him early by running the ball and playing good defense. They want to build the offense around his talents.

Pick No. 2
Von Miller LB Texas A&M

Everyone thinks this pick will be Marcell Dareus, but look at the big picture for the Broncos. Defensive tackle is a strength of this draft, so the Broncos take Miller, the best edge rusher, and then come back and get a defensive tackle with their next pick.

Pick No. 3
Marcell Dareus

With everyone thinking Miller would go to Buffalo, what are the Bills going to do? They go Dareus, a scheme-diverse guy who can play all three spots in the 3-4 front. My favorite player in the draft.

Pick No. 4
A.J. Green

I struggled with this pick. Could easily be a quarterback, but Green has a rare skill set. I almost picked Blaine Gabbert here, but I really believe with the uncertaintly over T.O. they go Green here.

Pick No.5
Patrick Peterson

The Cardinals pass on the quarterback here and take the top corner in the draft. He can take pressure off other guys in the secondary and can also help in the return game. With this pick, the Cardinals feel they can compete right now in a watered-down NFC West. This pick shows the Cardinals believe they’ll get a veteran QB this offseason.

Pick No.6
Julio Jones

This is a tough position for the Browns, who would like to get an edge rusher with this pick. But new coach Pat Shurmur is an offensive guy. I love Jones, who will help protect the development of young quarterback Colt McCoy.

Pick No.7
Blaine Gabbert

I was thinking corner or rush lineman initially, but the quarterback is there in this scenario. There's a new regime in San Francisco, so the 49ers are going to have to turn things around. Gabbert is my top-rated quarterback. I love the marriage of Gabbert and Jim Harbaugh.

Pick No.8
Nick Fairley

If the Titans can re-sign free agent defensive ends Jason Babin and Dave Ball, they can plug in Fairley immediately to upgrade the middle of the defensive line.

Pick No.9
Tyron Smith

I think the Cowboys would like to trade down here, but this kid is talented. Dallas can plug him in at right tackle and he upgrades the youth and athleticism of the offensive line.

Pick No.10
Prince Amukamara

Do the Redskins think about a quarterback here? Maybe. But cornerbacks Carlos Rogers and Phillip Buchanon are both set to be free agents. If I’m Mike Shanahan, I look at Amukamara as one of the most gifted players in the draft and an immediate help.

Pick No. 11
Robert Quinn
North Carolina

Jobs are on the line in Houston and the Texans need to upgrade the defense. With Amukamara off the board, I think they turn to the rush linebacker position as they transition to a 3-4 defense. Quinn’s is the protypical 3-4 option and he’s got all kinds of upside. There is some risk involved because we’ve never seen him stand up and play in this scheme.

Pick No.12
Aldon Smith

In desperate need of a QB, the Vikings go the veteran route. If they don’t re-sign Ray Edwards, they line up Smith opposite of Jared Allen and return to the dominance of their front-four defense.

Pick No.13
Anthony Castonzo

Boston College
This is a no-brainer pick for the Lions. Veteran Jeff Backus is in the last year of his deal. Castonzo gets a one-year apprenticeship at right tackle, and a year from now he replaces Backus over on the left side and stays there for the next 10 years.

Pick No.14
Corey Liuget

The Rams have huge needs along the defense line. I love Liuget, who is a prototypical three-technique and fits immediately into a rotation for Steve Spagnuolo. Liuget is a winner and immediately upgrades the talent along the line for the Rams.

Pick No.15
Mike Pouncey

The Dolphins are in an awkward spot. It’s probably too early for the quarterback they need, and they also need a wide receiver or skill player that can make a difference on the edge. They aren’t there at No. 15. They can take Pouncey and plug him in. I don’t care if it’s at center or guard, he’s going to play.

Pick No.16
Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

This pick has GM Gene Smith’s fingerprints all over it. Kerrigan is special. He’s a great complement to Aaron Kampman on the other side for a poor pass-rush team. Could be a heck of a front line with recent DT draft picks Tyson Alualu and Terrance Knighton.

Pick No.17
Cameron Jordan DE California

A five-technique for the Pats here from the pick they got from the Raiders when they dealt the prototypical five-technique in Richard Seymour. Jordan might be the best five-technique in this draft. He gives them scheme versatilty because you can play him inside and he can stand up.

Pick No.18
J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin

The next 3-4 team on the board takes the next best five-technique defensive end. When the Chargers move to nickel or sub packages, they can slide Watt inside and he’ll continue to play at a high level. The Chargers covet scheme versatility, and get it in Watt.

Pick No.19
Mark Ingram RB Alabama

The Giants are thinking about a left tackle like Nate Solder, so they can kick David Diehl inside. But the value of Mark Ingram is too high at this point. This kid can take a pounding, he’ll pass protect, he’ll catch the football.

Pick No. 20
Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson

The slide stops here for Bowers, who was once thought of as a potential top overall pick. Bowers provides an immediate explosion off the edge for a defense that was 30th in total sacks last season. Coach Raheem Morris has a history of dealing well with players, and this is a great pick for the Bucs, who get a top-10 player.

Pick No.21
Danny Watkins OL Baylor

When Scott Pioli worked with the Patriots, they took a guy named Logan Mankins. I see his reincarnation in Watkins. I think Watkins is a Pioli guy. He’s a try-hard kid. He’s gifted, tough and mean. You plug him in at right tackle in Year 1 and he’ll be able to move inside later, if needed.

Pick No.22
Nate Solder OL Colorado

The Colts have been looking for answers at left tackle for a long time. Solder needs more lower-body strength, but has good feet and will take care of Peyton Manning’s blind side. At some point the Colts will have a Pro Bowl tackle in Solder.

Pick No.23
Gabe Carimi OL Wisconsin

Carimi was a left tackle at Wisconsin, but I like him on the interior of the offensive line from Day 1. The Eagles have had a bunch of issues inside over the last couple of years with injuries. Their center, Jamaal Jackson, is getting old and their two guards are free agents. You plug Carimi in and play him.

Pick No.24
Phil Taylor DL Baylor

At this point, the entire defensive side of the Saints’ draft board has been decimated. But pairing Taylor with Sedrick Ellis on the inside of the defensive line creates a formidable, young duo. At 335 pounds, Taylor is a dancing bear who gives the Saints the ability to be both stout against the run and provides a push in the pocket.

Pick No.25
Marvin Austin DL North Carolina

Pete Carroll is not afraid of Marvin Austin. He didn’t play last year, but he’s rehabbed his image. He played great at the East-West Shrine Game and turned it on at the combine. He’s a gifted specimen and he’s the ideal three-technique. He fits, especially if the Seahawks don’t re-sign Brandon Mebane.

Pick No.26
Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

This is a great fit and a win-win situation for both Smith and the Ravens. Smith is one of the most physically gifted players in the draft who has dealt with off-field issues, and he benefits from the infrastructure of the veteran locker room of the Ravens. The Ravens get a big, physical player who is a top-10 talent.

Pick No.27
Adrian Clayborn DL Iowa

This is the point where the quarterbacks start to come into play as far as other teams trying to trade up. If Atlanta is stuck here, Clayborn is the pick. There are some concerns about one side of his body because of Erb's Palsy, but if he goes this low, what a great football player you're going to get.

Pick No.28
Jake Locker QB Washington

Any of the teams at the bottom of the first round could be looking to trade out, including New England here. It’s not about the teams at this point, it’s about the players. Teams' draft boards at this point will be decimated at positions like defensive end and offensive tackle.

Pick No.29
Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh

The Bears want offensive or defensive line help, but at this point in the draft, those spots have been hit hard. If a trade down isn’t an option, they try to give Jay Cutler another target in the passing game. Baldwin is a talented wideout.

Pick No. 30
Akeem Ayers LB UCLA

The Jets desperately need an edge rusher out of this draft, and Ayers is one of the best available. Rex Ryan always believes he can get the best out of any player.

Pick No. 31
Aaron Williams DB Texas

Williams’ versatility fits the defensive scheme of Dick LeBeau. Williams is a confident corner that should be able to contribute immediately as a nickel back.

Pick No. 32
Andy Dalton QB TCU

Why not trade out of this spot and let another team trade in to take Dalton at the end of the first round? There will be teams who would rather deal with the Packers here than working out a deal with the Patriots at the top of the second round at No. 33. At the end of the day, I think four quarterbacks go in the first round of the draft.

04-27-2011, 05:11 PM
Oh hell no.

04-27-2011, 05:14 PM
Now that would be the melt down pick. Thats Matt Cassel trade/Tyson Jackson/McMidget fury all thrown into one.

04-27-2011, 05:18 PM
Oh hell no.

Now that would be the melt down pick. Thats Matt Cassel trade/Tyson Jackson/McMidget fury all thrown into one.

I'll second these.

04-27-2011, 05:20 PM
no, man. hell no, man.


Quesadilla Joe
04-27-2011, 05:22 PM

the Talking Can
04-27-2011, 05:23 PM

the Talking Can
04-27-2011, 05:23 PM
i will burn a randomly selected state to the ground if that happens

04-27-2011, 05:27 PM
Yeah right. FAIL!

04-27-2011, 05:28 PM
Doesn't sound like he "loves" football to me.

He Said It: Watkins “stumbled” into first-round draft status

"I can't say it's a dream because I never grew up wanting to play in the NFL. I shouldn't say I hated football, but I didn't care for it. I just kinda stumbled into it."

04-27-2011, 05:30 PM

We'll have a 27 year old rookie to protect our 28 year old QB that still plays like a rookie at times.


Urc Burry
04-27-2011, 05:30 PM
a 27 year old guard? fuck no

04-27-2011, 05:33 PM
Sacc? Do you approve?

Hammock Parties
04-27-2011, 05:42 PM
jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ

Just when I thought Pioli couldn't get any dumber, he goes and does something like this....AND TOTALLY REDEEMS BILL BELICHICK'S REPUTATION AS A DRAFT GURU!

04-27-2011, 05:51 PM
jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ

Just when I thought Pioli couldn't get any dumber, he goes and does something like this....AND TOTALLY REDEEMS BILL BELICHICK'S REPUTATION AS A DRAFT GURU!

You know he hasn't really done this... yet, right?

Hammock Parties
04-27-2011, 05:52 PM
Danny Watkins is a name you can really hate, too.

"Fucking Danny Watkins...he just missed a block."

Sounds like the retarded kid you used to go to school with.

04-27-2011, 05:55 PM
I will literally kill someone.

04-27-2011, 05:58 PM
I will literally kill someone.

What you SHOULD be doing is killing shit in Black Ops. I don't wanna see you on this forum until you've figured out the perfect class for you.

04-27-2011, 05:59 PM

04-27-2011, 06:03 PM
jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ

Just when I thought Pioli couldn't get any dumber, he goes and does something like this....AND TOTALLY REDEEMS BILL BELICHICK'S REPUTATION AS A DRAFT GURU!Newsflash, Einstein. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

04-27-2011, 06:03 PM
God dammit, where is that gif of the ginger boy shooting himself in the head?

04-27-2011, 06:04 PM
Yep. I think mayock is by far the best in his field of draft crap but this pick is just stupid. The fact he is 27 rules out the first round with this guy.

The Dalton pick for GB is just as stupid if you ask me. Nice try Mayock.....

04-27-2011, 06:05 PM
Please bring Herm back as a scout for us....this is a shitty 1st round pick

04-27-2011, 06:07 PM
I will burn this team to the fucking ground after it blows Mel Gibson if this happened. JFC. Tyson Jackson II: Electric Boogaloo.

04-27-2011, 06:10 PM
6'3" short armed guy with limited football experience. Does anybody really think he could beat out Richardson for the RT job?

Sounds like a great first round pick!

04-27-2011, 06:14 PM
I'd rather trade our whole draft with Carolina and get the choice of any player in the draft than do this.

04-27-2011, 06:22 PM
Yep. I think mayock is by far the best in his field of draft crap but this pick is just stupid. The fact he is 27 rules out the first round with this guy.

The Dalton pick for GB is just as stupid if you ask me. Nice try Mayock.....

He doesn't have GB drafting Dalton. He has GB trading that pick to a team that wants Dalton.

the Talking Can
04-27-2011, 06:35 PM
You know he hasn't really done this... yet, right?

you know it's a quote from a movie, right?

04-27-2011, 06:44 PM

The Bad Guy
04-27-2011, 06:47 PM

What will be even more funny is watching every single team run stretch plays at your undersized defensive ends if Mayock is right.

And then just for shits and giggles, run up the middle.

The Bad Guy
04-27-2011, 06:48 PM
Newsflash, Einstein. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED.

In the mind's of the Pioli haters, the card has been turned in and it's Watkins.

The more the basement captain posts, the more he shows that he really has no understanding of football. Yeah, he can make videos, big fucking deal.

04-27-2011, 06:53 PM
I really thought mayock was smarter than his, I guess we will find out tomorrow

04-27-2011, 07:02 PM
This is stupid. a 27 year old guard? i call bs. Pioli may aswell spend the same amount of money on a free agent Guard/RT.........

04-27-2011, 07:04 PM
I really thought mayock was smarter than his, I guess we will find out tomorrowFact is, any one of us here could do his job. He's usually wrong.

I certainly hope he is this time, as well.

04-27-2011, 07:08 PM
These leaks make me piss-shaking nervous.

That would be a very underwhelming moment for me.

04-27-2011, 07:08 PM
Tyson Jackson II: Electric Boogaloo.

04-27-2011, 07:22 PM
That is quite possibly the worst first round mock pick I have ever seen.

Forget I said "quite possibly".

The Bad Guy
04-27-2011, 07:23 PM
Fact is, any one of us here could do his job. He's usually wrong.

I certainly hope he is this time, as well.

No, most couldn't do his job.

04-27-2011, 07:23 PM
Fuck maycock with a rusty anvil for even saying this
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04-27-2011, 07:25 PM
If this is our pick, there better be NOBODY (but sac) that tries to rationalize it.

It would be very close to worst case scenario...no, it would be.

04-27-2011, 08:34 PM
No, most couldn't do his job.Well, as far as the TV stuff, no but at this point hes just throwing shit out there.

04-27-2011, 10:02 PM
This pick makes Tyson Jackson look like a better pick than grabbing Tom Brady at 199.

04-27-2011, 11:15 PM
I hate these players that pop up out of nowhere in the eyes of these draftniks. I just fast and pray that Pioli doesn't go this way.

04-27-2011, 11:44 PM