View Full Version : Chiefs A Hurricane fan's thoughts on Allen Bailey

04-30-2011, 02:47 PM
I think you guys got alot of value where you got him. He's a massive physical specimen with great strength. Allen had a bit of a down senior year, but I don't think that was all on him. He was double teamed alot last year which opened things up for the other DE, Olivier Vernon. We also didn't have any DT's that attracted any attention, especially with injuries to Curtis Porter and others failing to step up. Our coaching situation didn't help, either. Allen has had some really bad DL coaches during his time at the U...most notably Clint Hurtt, who was only kept around since he was the HC's boy and a great recruiter. He's at Louisville now and the only reason he even has a job there is because he can recruit like hell. Petri was just so-so. John Palermo was the only good DL coach we've had in the last few years.

Allen does need to develop some moves. He relies a little too much on power. He isn't as explosive off the line, so don't expect him to be a great pass rusher...at least not immediately, but if you coach him up, he'll be a star. I think he'll be an excellent run stuffing 3-4 DE for the Chiefs. He's got a ton of physical ability.

Nobody ****s with Allen Bailey.