View Full Version : MU Any thoughts on Andrew Gachkar?

04-30-2011, 06:42 PM
He's been lucky enough to be drafted to the team that represents "America's finest city". Do any of you guys have any opinions on his abilities or lack there of?!?

04-30-2011, 06:49 PM

04-30-2011, 06:53 PM
Tough kid. Smart player. He absolutely brings it. He will be a great hard hitting special teamer for you.

Pitt Gorilla
04-30-2011, 06:58 PM
He's been through a LOT, in terms of surviving incredible injuries (collapsed lung, IIRC). He's also very smart, VERY fast, and will hit. If he had gone undrafted, I would have expected the Chiefs to bring him in immediately.

04-30-2011, 07:06 PM
Ton of heart. You'll love him on special teams, and he may do well in spot duty his first couple of years.