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06-16-2011, 10:06 PM
Conspiracy Theories are OK if They Come from the Boss: Geithner, “‘Dark Forces Fighting Financial Reform”

Jack Blood, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

We might all remember the Clinton Era mantra about a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” targeting the first couple in the 1990′s. Of course Hitlary was correct. There likely was a conspiracy to take down these haters of Freedom, and marauders of this once great ‘Republic’. In the Oughts (2000′s) there was a “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” run by George Soros, the Ford Foundation, The National Endowment for Democracy, or the Brookings Institute to attack and dethrone George Jr., who was also a hater of liberty, and raper of the Constitution.

And I was with all that.

Its funny though, when we the peeps “conspire” to expose the ‘Hypocrisy of Tyranny’ we are criminals, Racists, or even ‘terrorists’. When we point out the vast phony left vs right paradigm, and Hegelian dialectics ruining our country and the world, what are we called? You got it…. “Conspiracy Theorists”! Crazy, nutter, wacko, twoofer tards living in our mother’s basements, who believe in things like the Bilderbergers, and who should be drugged and or committed to psych gulags, stripped of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, and re-educated.

So, when I read that former NY Fed boss and current Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner was spouting the latest eSTABlishment conspiracy theory about “Dark Forces” interfering with his plans to manipulate the global economy, and pay off his masters (era ‘Financial Perestroika / Reform’)… I didn’t think he was per se “crazy” …. I thought, “Well, It takes one to know one”.

In case you missed it – here is the story:

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said “dark forces” are waging a “war of attrition” against efforts to strengthen regulation of the financial system.

“You’re seeing some people run a war of attrition against the reform act,” Geithner said at an event today in Washington, without identifying the people. “They’re trying to starve the agencies of funding so they can’t enforce protections for investors.” (and by ‘investors’ he doesn’t mean Mom and pop losing their 401 Ks! He means Investment houses like Goldman Sachs, or Chase Manhattan et al)

Geithner also said opponents of the Obama administration are trying to block presidential appointments to regulatory agencies “as a way to get leverage over the outcome, and they’re trying to slow down so that they can weaken over time the thrust” of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law. “We’re not going to let that happen.”

Republican lawmakers are opposing the nomination of Peter Diamond to the Federal Reserve Board. The White House renominated Diamond in January, marking a third try at confirmation after the Senate adjourned in December without approving him. Diamond’s initial candidacy was returned to the White House in August under a procedural objection.

Asked by a moderator at the breakfast held by Politico to identify the “mysterious forces” working against the administration, Geithner said, “dark forces, I would say.”

Peter Diamond would have been a great Fed head, No? Lets look at his qualifications: member of Skull and Bones at Yale, member of the Sovereignty hating, imperial, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), past Bilderberg Attendee, Brookings Institute Fellow (where is co-authored a book with Peter Orzag, of who it can be said is a total Rothschild shill).

Diamond was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in October 2010, from the (FABIAN Socialist / Rothschild) London School of Economics.

And if you’ve loved the job ‘helicopter Ben” Bernanke (current O’Busha the Chairman of the Fed) has done effectively; and Quantitatively Easing Americans into the showers … Well it should be noted that he was once a student of Peter Diamond. Meet the New Boss?

As comedian and activist Dick Gregory recently pointed out during his great speech in Chicago at the Health Freedom Expo (where I was also a speaker) – “We have had the greatest minds, and the most accredited leaders appointed to run the country these last 100 years…How’s that working out for you?”

As George Costanza noted in an epic episode of the sitcom “Seinfeld” after every instinct he had was decidedly wrong…. Doing the opposite just makes sense.

The fact that Cousin Barry Obama would even nominate such a creature as Diamond, shows me that he is either A. Not in control of his administration and is simply taking orders from his “illumined” advisers who got us into this mess, or, B. As a fellow Fabian Socialist, Obama is just sticking to the plan of ruining the USA so that it may be absorbed by the Globalist Borg (answer is Both A and B).

But there I go with my ‘Conspiracy Theories” again.

Theoretical sciences, math, physics…OK, theoretical para politics, bad. I got it. Someone tell that to Timmy Geithner then.

Since some of you may just get that feeling, let me go just one step further; the Global elite have been proven to be worshipers of “The Light Bearer”, also known as Lucifer. In that vein, when Geithner says “Dark Forces” its entirely possible that he means Anti-Luciferian.

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Maybe we all should consider that the “Dark Forces’ Timmy refers to just may not be the “laissez-faire” big business as usual Darth Cheney’s out there, who have absolutely benefited from the O’Busha bailouts, and who’s selective enforcement of Federal Laws and Regulations benefit the few…. NO. Maybe those Dark Forces are a little cabal AKA: WE THE PEOPLE!

As always… Be BOLD and mighty (dark) forces will come to your aid.

Jack Blood is an Activist, Investigative Reporter, and internet radio host. Read his reports, and listen to his podcasts at www.deadlinelive.info and www.theBloodReport.info.