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The Mad Crapper
06-27-2011, 06:20 AM
Great analysis of moonbatism (my comments are in red):

The absurdity of the postmodern left is that it is a chimera crossbred of contradictions mixing together technocracy and environmentalism. Hunting through the trash for discarded food and triumphantly blogging about it on a 500 dollar device. Big government projects and making your own shoes. Stand up to the man and tell him to appoint more bureaucrats. Read Dawkins and then blog about visiting a Middle Eastern mosque. Reject materialism in the latest carefully branded 200 dollar shoes made from recycled rubber tires.

If the old left at least had something resembling rational project, the postmodern left has its broken vestiges, dressed up in directionless rage, superstition, anti-materialism and primitivism. The end result of this progressive reactionarism isn't just ugly, it's unsustainable.

The contradictions between the left's big government ambitions and its destruction of everything that makes it work dooms the whole project to a meltdown. The Soviet Union was run by vicious thugs who understood that you needed a massive industrial and agricultural base to build the socialist future. But today's left is completely uninterested in such things. Like lunatic dot com pioneers, they don't bother with revenue streams or business models, just plans and proposals. Ideological compliance matters. Functionality isn't even a blip on the radar.

As hopelessly stupid as many of the Bolsheviks were, they understood that something had to come after seizing the property of the rich. The modern left just assumes that the property of rich is an infinite commodity that can be seized and will still always be there. Not enough money? Raise taxes. Still not enough money? Raise more taxes. And then get ready to move your own money to another tax shelter. Their anti-materialism is more like a hypocritical ignorance of their own material realities. Socialism for them is not a material act, but a spiritual one. To make it work, you must have faith in hope and change.

The Soviet Union in its time made Union Carbide and Exxon look like radical greens. It didn't just pollute, it celebrated the destruction of the natural world as the triumph of modern man. It tore down mountains with the same glee it tore down churches. It destroyed rivers and lakes just to show that it could. This violent vandalism sprang from its materialist roots. Primitive man might be satisfied with smelling the flowers, but Socialist man would stomp all over the flowers and go back and plant some even better steel flowers to show his superiority to the natural world.

But its idiot grandchildren (direkshun, zach, pussie, jenson, banyon, organe, amnorix, tiptap et al) have gone just as radically in the opposite direction to an environmentalism that makes industry impossible and individual prosperity hopeless-- and with them the economic base for their ideology. Embracing environmentalist dogma isn't just a knife to the throat of businesses and a bullet to the head of the consumer-- it's a slow prolonged death for the tax happy Great Society that was built at their expense.

It takes a mighty nation to support a cradle to grave welfare state and grants to analyze the racial subtext of Eskimo poetry. Or a bankrupt nation getting bailouts from the IMF in the hopes of being able to service its debt. And beyond that lie the spiritual values of starving children sorting garbage in slums so admired by moral leaders like Prince Chuck. The anti-materialism of the freegans taken to its inevitable outcome when the economy and then the system that made their dilettantism possible is destroyed.

By a perverse twist, anti-capitalism has become anti-materialism. The strange love child of Marx and Rousseau celebrates the wonders of African capitalism and bemoans brand labels. Structural analysis has given way to identification. A herd instinct for those who fancy themselves too smart for the common herd. The herd is not concerned with where it is going, but only that it is traveling with others of the same kind.

Marx had little use for the noble savage and primitivism for its own sake. His casual observation that "Islamism proscribes the nation of the Infidels, constituting a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever" is today only to be found on the right and among a besieged handful of European leftists. The rest welcome in Islam and Sharia Law as the solution to all ills. In their minds, the only way to fully purge the materialism and nationalism of the civilized world, is to fill it with the uncivilized.

The addled left has confused primitivism with anti-materialism, treating poverty as evidence of higher moral values. This attitude hung around the necks of upper class activists all along, but there is no longer any counter to it. Every college assigns critical texts on Orientalism, and yet every campus wallows in the fetishization of non-Western cultures. Gandhi, the former soldier turned independence activist, has become the plaster saint on the wall of Western pacifism, and the Koran has become the book of tolerance and feminism. Those so intolerant of the hypocrisies of their own culture, eagerly wallow in the hypocrisies of other cultures.