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07-11-2011, 11:22 PM
I'd like to introduce some common sense to an insane world. Here's an actual proposal to get us out of the mess, the corrupt put us in...

1. Slash the defense department in half. Allow for salaries and maintenance of weaponry. No new research and development for two full years. We are already so far ahead of the curve, 700 plus days won't mean squat.

2. Call for all politicans to make the sacrifice. No more free pensions. You get paid for your time in office, not anytime after.
No more free insurance. They will pay taxes from this day forward in my plan and also actually seperate those that stand for the republic and those that don't.

3. Tax American companies that have a physical address here. No more loopholes for exploiting third-world countries of their laborers and being allowed to stay without paying their share.

4. Disband and/or shrink several current federal agencies. Freddie and Fannie go bye-bye. Dept. of Education gets all but disolved. Many more tumble.

5. Decriminalize drugs and tax it big.

6. Sell some assets to the private sector. Not all, but some.

7. End the Federal Reserve.

8. Hire the IRS employees to audit how Congress spends our money. Yeah, finally a reason for the IRS to exist and no more $90 hammers.

9. Restructure policies to be productive and serve the greater good. If an agency is LOSING money, they need to be seriously scrutinized and most likely disolved.

10. End the wars. Money shouldn't be collected for government to KILL others. Have we become so de-sensitized that we don't even recognize death of our fellow man?

11. Wake the department of justice up. Where are they? They actually are supposed to be protecting us from this criminal hi-jacking.

12. Invoke individual's rights again. The Bill of Rights need to be adhered to.

13. No property taxes. How can you truly OWN property if you've paid in full and still owe taxes very year? That's slavery. Those that have their ducks in a row will spend more money, due to their needs being met and having sound security of a place to call home, no matter the circumstance.

14. Recognize our rights are given from a higher power and no government has the final say in our well-being.

That's my start. What say you?

07-11-2011, 11:52 PM
I like it.

But the corruption has ran too deep my friend. The ONLY thing that could ever change it would be a global catastrophe.

07-12-2011, 12:19 AM
Thanks, man. I added a couple of others...

15. Be accountable for your own actions. Quit depending on others to put your tax dollars to the use of the way you see fit. YOU, have your best interest in mind, not a group of enforcers of tax code.

16. Separate media from government.