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A friend of mine wrote this. What are your thoughts?

How to create an earthquake by: Luther Martin

Earth’s core is comprised mostly of molten iron. Iron is a ferro-magnetic substance meaning it has a high magnetic reactivity. You can see this in action by simply sticking a magnet to your refrigerator. The magnet is attracted to the iron in the metal.

Now consider the fact that the tectonic plates that comprise the Earth’s mantle “float” on what is essentially a sea of molten iron much like a boat floating on water. Any waves in the water cause the boat to rock and to rise and fall. The same can be said for the mantle over the core. Therefore if it were possible to create fluctuations in the iron core, these fluctuations would be felt on the surface much the same as the boat on the water but with devastating consequence. The rocking motion should cause the plates to shift slightly relative to one another, most likely along faults.

Now for the scary part. It stands therefore to reason that a sufficiently powerful electromagnetic force of say a few million or more watts (measured in gauss or tesla perhaps) applied at an altitude of several kilometers above the mantle can alter the Earth’s magnetosphere most notably affecting the iron core which is in fluid state thus much easier to influence than a solid iron core would be. Such alterations of the Earth’s natural magnetic and magnemotive forces can therefore result in fluctuations or waves in the iron core.

To create tectonic shifting, one needs only to energize the F or D layer of the ionosphere.
The two layers act as a transformer with inductive coupling capability. For the layman, inductance is the term used to express how a change in one electrified body can create change in the electrical forces of neighboring bodies. This effect is obtained through what is known as MAGNETIC COUPLING. I reapeat: MAGNETIC COUPLING. So it also stands to reason that by energizing the F layer, the D layer is effected. Does this mean it is possible to create tectonic shifting with the HAARP units? I believe wholeheartedly that the answer is yes. I also believe that it is possible to detect and therefore prepare for such events by monitoring the electromotive forces generated by the HAARP facilities.

A question remains. Is the HAARP technology sufficiently powerful to create the necessary gauss (one of the units of measure for determining magnetic force) required to move the core? In the days to come, I intend to determine this using the formula
1 gauss = 1 maxwell per cm squared or 1×10−4 tesla.
I would like to also determine the ionosphere’s susceptance to magnetic force to better determine if it even has the ability to maintain gauss sufficient to shift the core if only for a fraction of a second.

It is important to remember that the Earth’s mantle is full of quartz. When the tectonic plates rub against each other, the quartz creates a piezoelectric (just like in some microphones) effect whose magnitude is sufficient to ionize the atmosphere creating lightning, plasma, radio disturbance, and aurora. So one can surmise that such effects would be difficult to differentiate from the so called HAARP effect making the burden of proof that much more difficult.

Tectonic shifting also results in the release of radon which interacts with the atmosphere and ionosphere in such a way as to transfer radioactive energy in the form of electrical current flow and most notably HEAT which is why infrared imaging shows heating in the area of earthquake just prior to the actual quake. Once again, this makes it very difficult to differentiate between natural occurrences and the so called HAARP effect. Thus confusion has erupted and has led many to believe that HAARP is responsible for recent tectonic activity. Are they? The answer could be yes as easily as no. This study should indicate to the reader that tectonic manipulation is possible given a large enough force. The question remains; is HAARP technology powerful enough to create this effect?

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The question remains; is HAARP technology powerful enough to create this effect?

No, it is not.