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Tribal Warfare
08-06-2011, 04:21 AM
Salary figures show Chiefs have room to spend (http://www.kansascity.com/2011/08/05/3059933/salary-figures-show-chiefs-have.html)
The Kansas City Star

The Chiefs are committed to spending at least $119 million in cash on player salaries and bonuses this year, according to figures obtained by The Kansas City Star.

It’s unknown where that amount ranks among the NFL’s 32 teams, because similar figures were not available for all other clubs. Teams are not required to spend to a certain amount this year under the league’s new collective bargaining agreement.

While committed to spending at least $119 million, the Chiefs are well under the NFL’s salary cap of $120.4 million. The Chiefs’ cap stood at $99.5 million, or $20.9 million under the limit.

Cash spending and salary cap are figured differently under NFL rules, accounting for the difference in totals.

The Chiefs’ cash spending and salary cap numbers will probably rise before the season is over. There is no indication they are finished signing free agents. The Chiefs are thin in experienced players at certain positions, notably on the offensive and defensive lines.

Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr are headed into the final seasons of their contracts. Judging from the late-season signings of running back Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson last year, the Chiefs will attempt to re-sign some or all of those players before the end of this season.

General manager Scott Pioli wouldn’t speak specifically to the Chiefs’ salary figures. But he said he has never been limited on how much to spend by chairman Clark Hunt.

“During my (job) interview here, Clark and I had a lengthy conversation about what restrictions we might have regarding spending on players and what the process would be when I want to do something or make a move,” Pioli said. “I would never have taken this job if I thought for one minute I was going to have to worry about not having the resources to do what we need to do.

“Clark has never said no when I’ve come to him to talk about players. And I don’t even have to go to him. He just wants to know before things are done. Since we’ve been here, there have been no restrictions. It’s not about how much you spend. It’s about how you spend it.

“I am not going to be reckless with this franchise. That’s not why I was hired.”

The Chiefs’ spending on player salaries over the past decade has reflected the wishes of the football administration at the time. The Chiefs went heavily for veteran players from 2001 through 2005 when Dick Vermeil was their head coach.

In those years, the Chiefs were eighth in the NFL on player spending.

Herm Edwards coached the three subsequent seasons and wanted to make the Chiefs a younger team. Accordingly, the Chiefs were 32nd and last in the NFL in player spending over those three years.

“Historically, the leadership of the (Chiefs) football operation has been able to do what they’ve wanted to do,” Pioli said. “During a certain era, the Chiefs were one of the top-spending teams in the NFL. In a different era, that dropped off significantly because that’s the way that leadership group wanted it to be.”

The Chiefs spent $110 million in player salaries last season. That was 21st among NFL teams.

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08-06-2011, 08:44 AM
Thanks for posting this! Interesting read.

Mr. Laz
08-06-2011, 10:26 AM
The Chiefs spent $110 million in player salaries last season. That was 21st among NFL teams.
i wonder if this 110 million was their cap number including dead money because i read somewhere that their spending last year was closer to 80 million.