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08-12-2011, 11:18 AM
I found this interesting. Not only that it was done, but that it has apparently been cancelled now that it was publicized.

Here's the first article from themonastery.org:


The program, led by military chaplains, trained missile officers to believe that the Bible justifies the use of atomic intercontinental ballistic missiles on civilian populations. Although the program was suspended after being exposed in the media, it illustrates perfectly the danger of using religion to excuse just about any military tactic.

...and an article that they linked:


We were just talking a few days ago about how the top commander of the Air Force’s Global Strike Command had called for his airmen to “change their culture (http://www.dodbuzz.com/2011/07/28/top-af-nuke-general-we-must-continue-cultural-change/),” and here’s another example: Air Force missileers may no longer get decades-old, Bible-centric ethics training, designed to help them resolve moral or religious doubts about the use of nuclear weapons, our own Bryant Jordan reports. The training, known colloquially among the blue-suited as “Jesus loves nukes,” has been in place for 20 years, Jordan writes, and it sounds like a version of what Malcolm McDowell underwent in “A Clockwork Orange:”

Wrote Jordan (http://www.military.com/news/article/af-pulls-jesus-loves-nukes-training-.html):
The training slides include quotations from the Bible, portraits of Christian saints, prophets, and famous American generals known for their faith, including George Washington, Union Army Gen. Joshua Chamberlain, and Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Every new missile officer had to take the training at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, regardless of their own religious beliefs or lack of them, according to [Air Education and Training Command spokesman Dave] Smith.

AETC halted the ethics training last week after an article on the training was posted at Truthout​.org. Former Air Force Capt. Damon Bosetti — described as a missile officer who took the training in 2006 — said he and others referred to the religious section of the ethics training as the “Jesus loves nukes speech.”

The website also published the training slides (http://truthout.org/files/nuclear_ethics.pdf) [pdf], which it acquired from the watchdog group Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization that has filed numerous lawsuits against the Air Force for allegedly infringing on the rights of religious minorities and non-believers and promoting evangelical Christian beliefs.