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Ace Gunner
09-12-2011, 10:03 AM
Okay, this is not a prediction and it's not from studying this game over & over - I just watched it live like the rest of you, but here's 6 notes for thought;

1) The Chiefs were 4 - 12 just 18 games ago and 2 - 14 before that.. 4 - 12 before that. I bring this up because if we want to know what "progress" is, we need to know some history on this team. They were bad getting horrible, no two ways about it. Then came the new staff and we have progress to the tune of a AFCW title. You don't win titles and championships from winning one game, you must win several games to compete at that level. Therefore, you are certainly as good as your last game, but there are fifteen others during a season too.

2) How do you beat the Chiefs??? At home?? Load up the box as much as possible and make that QB beat you, because nobody wants to chase Jamaal Charles. Nobody. You start with 8 and you bring 9 asap. You keep everybody spread though, because you cannot allow that pesky Jamaal to get around the corner. Pressure the QB with all that personnel you have stacked on that scrimmage line. They did that.

3) The Bills had success early on running the ball at Glenn Dorsey. Dorsey was swept about, passed down the line like a salt shaker and Tamba was not free to roam inside. Though there were a few runs late, Tyson Jackson did well over there and evidently allowed Houston room to roam - Houston was in the backfield a lot today. Tyson got pressure too. He was the best Chiefs DL out there today, though far from great. But folks, Dorsey is a forth year man now, he's supposed to be a leader of the defense now. Say what you want, but Tyson J maintained his gaps much of the day while Dorsey was moved out of his gaps early and often, leaving Tamba exposed to blockers while RB Jackson shot those gaps for huge gains early on. To me, this was key in this game.

4) Really, this team is lacking on field leaders on both O & D units. They seem to have it together during ST as a team at least, though that opening fumble was a confidence killer. Mike Vrabel is gone now, it is very evident nobody has taken his place getting guys lined up, pumped up and ready to play each play. This is where Dorsey and DJ should have stepped up. Both players disappointed me today, many times. During an early drive, DJ had an open lane straight to the QB. He went untouched and missed. The QB converted and the Bills scored during that drive. Can't win games missing plays like that. Can't lead a defense whiffing and expect followers with confidence. TJ was not on the field much and it showed. Vrabel is gone and that missing leadership between each play showed. Badly.

5) DJ. Chicken with his head cut off, bites on fakes early and often. Leaves his gaps. Those plays where Dorsey was manhandled & scooted inside while RB Jackson hit that left edge for big gains could have been at least minimized if DJ had maintained his gaps. I don't think most Chiefs fans understand this defense and how it is very much predicated on gap control. Haley said it last year how "just one man out of position" can make this defensive scheme swiss cheese. Yesterday, they were swiss cheese and DJ was a reason for that. WTF. How are you going to lead a defense when you play like that? Again, see 91111. Chan Chan knew it.

6) Matt Cassel has got to stop being a spectator and start firing that ball where it needs to go. He simply plays too slow for the NFL and if he doesn't start playing fast, he's done. There were several plays he left on the field today. Note Gif Horse's opener post pic, where Matty C is seen ignoring a wide open Bowe. There were the obvious off target heaves, but there were some plays he simply let pass him by. There are "timing routes" in this offense he is not acting on. He hit a few, the out route to Charles was well done. This is year 3 and well, he just is not giving his players the kind of play needed to lead an offense. I'm a firm believer the passing game requires high demand and focus on timing. This dude could actually be traveling back in time, he's so god damn indecisive and mentally slow. He actually makes the game look faster than it is.

Did you see how often LOLB Houston got pressure and generally camped in the Bills' backfield from the 1st play on yesterday? Tyson Jackson, fellas. Tyson Jackson. We read on this board all the time how Dorsey takes up blockers to free up Hali's terror - that is exactly what Tyson Jackson did for Houston yesterday. He's not headed to Hawaii, but he had good push during several plays much of the day.

The loss of Berry was evident, but jesus ****, DJ and Dorsey looked like keystone cops out there during those first drives. Hell, DJ got in the way of one safety trying to plug the play, it might have been Berry. Here's the thing, I was looking to these players for that "missing leadership" role to be filled. Maybe next week. I can say they both played worse than last year's best performances and that is sugar coat.

It's a ****ing arena ball league now, with the new "don't tackle WR's until they know you're coming" rules being strictly enforced. Bowe is a dumbs for not thinking about this when he took his eye off the ball to look at the hit ensuing, because the hit would have been a penalty or wouldn't have happened. Somebody needs to sit these wideouts down and explain to them there is no more need to fear the big hit. The league rules prohibit them. It's a ****ing small field for players with good hands and speed. The whole field is "daylight". Hello you ****s, get with it. Catch first. Run. How ****ing hard is that to figure?

What we saw yesterday was Matt Cassel with blocking and very little help. He is slow, he misses shit all the time - I covered that already. But did you see Breaston running down the field wide open ,waving his hands? Me either. How about Bowe. Ya. No.

And so it is, throw ball to one handy **** Jamaal Charles and know it will get done. And so it was done.

I hate watching Matt Cassel. I hate learning so much about the QB position that I can get into a rhythm before he does. I hate counting his drop steps and feeling the clock tick. I hate watching Matt Cassel see the play and never feel the play or know the play.

But I'll wait and see, like the rest of you. And I'll root him on when he does well. IF he does well. I'll do the same for Palko, Falco or Sluggo, if that's who Haley puts out there. Just please get that ****ing ball out quickly and with conviction.

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Tyson Jackson needs more carries?

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Honestly, I didn't notice Houston getting a lot of pressure. I thought I saw Sheffield on the field more than Houston.