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pick up Fitz as your bu QB in your fantasy league yet after watching him laser 4Tds???

Totally agree, and it's really what separates Cassel from those guys. There were times last year(that period when Cassel was poised, and comfortable) when cassel was sliding around in the pocket, stepping up, and even shoulder shrugging guys, and then making the throws. When he does that, he is a top 10 QB. No question in my mind. The problem is when the O-line gets out classed early in the game, Cassel starts losing his confidence in his protection, and starts paying too much attention to the rush. He's got to stop doing it. He makes himself, and the O-line look worse than they really are. He has the ability to avoid the rush, and make plays, but he has to do it with the flow of the game, and stop panicking.
Before the season started last year, I said that the only way Cassel is going to do shit is if he recovers from being shell shocked in 2009, and he finally did somewhere near the middle of the season, only to transform back into his paranoid shell during the Oakland game, and not recover.
I've been looking at Cassel's stats, and watching a bunch of last year's games,
and I'm really not being a homer when I say that this guy can, and I believe he will, continue to improve. I feel as though he's going to recover from the shell shock, and be better than ever.
I'm not blaming the O-line for his failures, because he is also partly to blame for their failures.
What I do know for sure, is that they all need to improve, and everyone has shown positive signs that this will happen except for the one weak link in the chain, Richardson. We all know a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.
I would really feel so much better if we had someone else manning that spot.


I warned ya about Fitz, but nooooooooooooooooo you're not a Cassel :homer:


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Do not try to out decipher my post. Fucker.

GD N00b too.

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Threads that should be Private Messages are awesome! They benefit the whole CP community.

Quality post here

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Threads that should be Private Messages are awesome! They benefit the whole CP community.

Quality post here

My thinking exactly;)

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Pathetic, starting this thread.