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11-05-2000, 07:57 AM
Bob Dole's only real concern is which coaching staff shows up today. Bob Dole keeps reading that the Raiders expect us to come out throwing and pass 50 times. Bob Dole just hopes JR doesn't see that as a situation exploitable by "surprising" them with the run. Go with our strengths, and we should be fine.

And our strength is not to allow Gannon to dink and dunk at will for a 158 rating with no completions over 20 yards. We need to play aggressive, Chiefs defense.

Bob Dole is looking forward to the game, and hopes like hel1 we see the KC team that showed up against St. Louis--not the one that showed up in the 2nd half of the last Oakland game.

The "experts" are all talking about this wonderful Raiders team, and it's time to shut them up. If not for idiotic coaching, we'd have a win against them last time. If not for idiotic coaching, we'd have beaten the Titans, who most experts are still touting as the AFC rep to the SB. We already have the biggest upset of the year in trouncing the Rams, and it's time to prove we're for real.

Red Till Dead
11-05-2000, 08:00 AM
Bob - just wondering...do you think Bennett being back in the game will impact the run at all?

11-05-2000, 08:06 AM
Bob Dole doesn't believe it will have any real positive impact. Part of Bob Dole's fear is that his return will contribute to JR's plan to "trick" them by running at the beginning of the game.

While DB was our leading rusher last season, Bob Dole isn't (has never been) all that impressed. Bob Dole doesn't feel that he adds anything that we didn't have on the field with him inactive.

11-05-2000, 08:13 AM
While I think that Elvis has become the type of QB that can exploit the defense in the passing game, I also think that there is some merit in trying to establish some kind of rushing attack if the Raiders choose to utilize something other tan 8 men in the box. I just hope that Raye picks his spots, and that when the situation arises, Grbac uses his audibles wisely.


Red Eyes
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11-05-2000, 08:17 AM
I don't think Bob Dole should be concerned. The coaching staff is not about to keep this game close. They want to do more than just win this game, they want to prove a point. THE CHIEFS ARE THE BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM!!!
I think we will see Bennett in goal line situations and 3rd and short yardage situations. I am not saying they will give him the ball everytime, but he will be a nice distraction!!

11-05-2000, 08:18 AM
Bob Dole agrees wholeheartedly with exploiting what the defense offers. Unfortunately, Bob Dole still thinks that JR does that crappy "script" thing, and if he scripts like he did opening day against Indy when he wanted to establish the run, we may be too far behind by the time we get to the final act.

11-05-2000, 08:23 AM
As long as Schott doesn't go to that damn ZONE defense. Contain Gannon, eliminate "keystone cops"....I hate that type of football.

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11-05-2000, 08:37 AM
How many plays do the Chiefs have scripted to start a game? And aren't there audibles on those scripted plays as well? Aside from TCB and myself, is there anyone that thinks that the Chiefs want to come out in this game and make a point? I honestly don't believe that conservatism is going to be a concern today. If Raye or Spurt call a conservative game today, I think Gun just might go to the skybox and throw them out himself. Gun really wants this game, IMO.
Image of the Stooges falling from the box puts a smile on the milkman's face.


Red Eyes
A message to The Three Stooges from Judge Smaels.
"Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too"

11-05-2000, 08:42 AM
I would like to see the same team that played the Rams also. What scares me is that the Raiders are a better team all around than the Rams. The "experts" are not foolish to slobber all over the Raiders. They're 7-1 because they can beat teams in multiple ways.
So, if we do beat them we will indeed silence the naysayers and be considered a serious contender. THIS IS THE GAME OF THE SEASON.

C.R. Pants
(The Resident Liberal)

11-05-2000, 08:46 AM
IBDHO, the Raiders are 7-1 because their coaches let the players play.

The Raiders are definitely a more balanced team than the Rams, but still well within our reach. It's time for the KC staff to show that this team has heart, talent and desire, consistently.

While the team looked less than stellar last week, it was still a win on the road, following a huge win. Bob Dole expected a let-down and wasn't disappointed, but expects some kickas$ gameplanning and play today.

11-05-2000, 08:49 AM
I'll just be glad when the day comes that I don't have to wonder which Chiefs team is going to show up.

Knows the potential is there, just wants to see it unleashed week in, and week out.

11-05-2000, 08:55 AM
win or lose we HAVE to improve our ground game . . .

no ground game, no post-season, it's just that simple. Its an NFL rule I think.

11-05-2000, 09:07 AM
We had a ground game (set up by the pass) against the Rams. We'd have a better ground game right now if JR realized consistenly that you can run outside the tackles, as long as you don't ask you plodding power back to attempt it. Cloud has been asked to do it twice, and the second time resulted in a 15 yard TD. Did that page get lost out of the play book?

Bob Dole attributes our lack of an impressive running game to a lot of things, but players is low on the list.

We run against stacked lines, when we should check off and pass. We announce the run with the set and/or players on the field. There is little variation to our running plays.

Where is the Cloud around-end, and where is the DA reverse when the defense shows a tendency to overpursue? Pretty much invisible.

11-05-2000, 10:33 AM
I expect the Raiders to gamble freely on mixed and disguised blitz packages. They will be expecting Grbac to pass long, and if they don't get to him, he'll rack up some big plays. The Raider pass rush has been weak of late, but I see them putting a lot of emphasis on turning that around for this game.

Sure hope that Gannon still has a feel for his ex-teammate's game. Because of that possibility, KC will probably try and disguise their defensive plays as well. Its going to be a big game, folks. And you are going down.

11-05-2000, 10:43 AM
UD - The blitz does not get to Grbac very often, out OL and backs have been picking them up really darn well. Occasionally he it gets through, but more often then not the D gets burned. Your best hope is that Grunhard is out.

11-05-2000, 10:53 AM
I predict a HUGE day for the Raiders,,,although I really cant see a blow out on either side...it will be a very intence hard fought victory for the winners....

.........GO RAIDERS

11-05-2000, 01:22 PM
Bob Dole has the ammo in the car and the game face on. Time to drink some Bud and kick some Raider as$.

Hope the guys in Chokeland are the same (except for the Bud part--leave that to Bob Dole and the rest of the faithful.)<P>

11-05-2000, 02:02 PM
We need to have a fast guy, like a wide receiver, play LB and his job is to nail Gannon all day long!!!!<BR>

11-05-2000, 02:10 PM
An hour before kickoff http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif