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09-20-2011, 11:08 PM
If I ever want to know what's going to be in the Kansas City Star or on 610/810, I just look through the top page on the Lounge for the pulse of the fans.

This thread is an attempt to combine the different threads/ideas put forward on ChiefsPlanet and merge them into a concise doctrine that can then find its way to 1 Arrowhead Drive through our couriers at the Star, 610, and 810.

I give full credit to 'Hamas' Jenkins and his treatise as the backbone of this, and just updated it to where we are today.

ChiefsPlanet is committed to the following ideas:
1. The Drafting and Development of a Franchise QB.
-We demand that Matt Cassel be benched now. At 0-2, the statistical odds of reaching the playoffs are only 12%. And that's with Ricky Stanzi as QB. We know who Matt Cassel is: a hard-working, tough, passionate, piece of crap. Start Stanzi every game for the rest of the season. If he ignites the team, then this demand is satisfied. If he doesn't, then we will be in a position to draft that player in the FIRST ROUND. And his name had better be Andrew Luck, whatever you must do to make it happen. Whatever it takes.

2. Give Arrowhead Stadium back to the rank and file.
We get it. The stadium renovations cost money. The suites are nice (allegedly), and it's the trend of the league to cater to the upper echelon of society. Arrowhead used to be a place people feared. Now it's a place where the only thing that's afraid is hard-working people's wallets/purses. $27 to park a car? $8 for a beer? It's going to be a rough season, and we aren't showing up without some concessions. For instance, if you continue to start Cassel, fans should receive a dollar off libations for every checkdown, bubble screen, delay draw, and hail mary pass that doesn't actually result in a pass. The idea: offset the cost of all these increases at Arrowhead with taxes on stuff that doesn't hit Jackson County residents and the great local fans who make Arrowhead great (hotel, rental car, touristy stuff taxes) and make Arrowhead affordable again.

3. We don't want to emulate another team's way. We want do hoist the Lombardi trophy OUR way.
We don't have Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or Wes Welker. We also don't have Robert Kraft. So let's stop trying to emulate something that's not repeatable and let's do things our way. And if we don't have management/coaches that aren't creative enough to do that, find someone who can. Let's build something that causes the league to emulate us.

4. We demand that our available cap space is reasonably spent. We applaud the extensions of Charles, Hali, Flowers, and Derrick Johnson. We look forward to hearing similar news about Bowe and Carr. We don't applaud the Daniel Snyder approach by any means, but have a hard time believing we can be over $30 million under the allowable cap and not have done more to improve the team or maybe invest in a few guys who might be gems in the rough. If this was an intentional plan to satisfy requirement #1 by sucking for Luck, then we say thank you. But then we'd better see a real push from this point on.

5. Finally, we demand that the following phrases never be used by Chiefs management again:
-The Right 53. (How could a team that's so "right" be so obviously wrong?)
-We're 0-2 in the first quarter of the season. (Euphemism for: "We're getting our asses handed to us and the sky is falling.")
-I'm not talking about guys who aren't here (vague references to Baldwin or others who have controversies/off-field issues. Newsflash: If you don't say it, Nick Wright's gonna tweet it...and we'd rather hear it from you then from his self-aggrandizing style.
-We became a better team today. (No, we didn't.)
I'm sure there are other phrases to add...but let me sum it up by saying that "Patriot Way coachspeak" only works when Bill Belichick says it. See point #3. We all would have respected you a lot more if you had just said, "Yeah, Baldwin was being a jackass and Thomas Jones took things into his own hands."

Feel free to amend this treatise and I'll amend it as a living document as a large group of people amend it. For sake of argument, I'll need 10 people to approve a change to change the OP to reflect the will of the people.

Flame away, I was bored.

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If #1 is done the rest will sort themselves out.

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too muc h to read
coulrd you post pics of hot chicks between each bullet point?

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I only care about #1

Everything else didn't read lol

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LMAO Holy shit

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That's not a long read

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Also on #5..."it's a process" & "I'll have to watch the videotape"...

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Also on #5..."it's a process" & "I'll have to watch the videotape"...

"you play to win the game"
anything about "gleem"

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I think that pretty much sums it up. I agree 100%!!! Good post!!!!