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09-29-2011, 11:02 AM
ChiefsCountry drafted the following players for the Chiefs in the CP Mock:

1. OLB Akeem Ayers
2. C Stefan Wisniewski
3. NT Jerrell Powe
4. WR Austin Pettis
5. WR Vincent Brown
5. RB Steven Ridley
(6: compensatory selection, not included in CP Mock)
7. OT Rob McGill

Kinda interesting.

Ayers has been pretty good for the Titans.
Wisniewski has struggled for the Raiders.
Powe rarely sees the field at this point; Chiefs acquired him anyway for a 6th.
Pettis has looked decent in spot work, Brown is buried on a deep WR depth chart in San Diego.
Ridley has looked damn good for the Patriots.