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11-03-2011, 08:48 AM

1. Kansas City Chiefs -- Who’d have guessed they’d be a the top of this list in week 9 back during the first couple weeks of the season when they got their doors blown off? They’ve actually become a respectable defense since and they face the lowly Dolphins at home this weekend.
2. San Francisco 49ers -- A match up with the Redskins and John Beck, who give up the 4th most fantasy points to opposing defenses, makes them a desirable unit to have in your lineup this week.

3. Green Bay Packers -- San Diego is the opponent and their offense has sputtered recently. Add that to the fact that their primary goal line back is out (Mike Tolbert) and there are rumblings that Ryan Matthews might also miss the game and it looks like Matthews and company may be able to pin their ears back against a one-dimensional offense.

4. Dallas Cowboys -- Here’s a defensive unit that looked horrible last week but gets the chance to match up this week with a Seattle offense that may be without Marshawn Lynch. Even better (for the Cowboys) Tavaris Jackson returned as the starting quarterback for the Seahawks last week.

5. Houston Texans -- Houston gets a home date with the Browns who have shown no signs of life as an offense without Peyton Hillis and it is unclear if he will be back. Hillis wasn’t exactly great even when he was in the backfield so the Houston D is a solid unit to have in your lineup this week.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers -- The Steelers get the Ravens and Ray Rice at home in week 9. Rice didn’t run the ball effectively (despite the three one yard touchdowns that gave him good fantasy numbers) in week 8 and Joe Flacco has been looking more like a rookie than he did when he was a rookie.

7. Philadelphia Eagles -- Honestly, the Eagles D vs. the Bears O is a crap shoot. When Jay Cutler gets proper protection and time to set his feet, he puts up good numbers and that opens lanes for Matt Forte to run through and they are a good offense. When the offensive line breaks down and Cutler is running for his life, he is an interception and fumble machine. The Bears O-line is due to lay an egg.

8. Arizona Cardinals -- The Cardinals haven’t won since week 1 and the defense is just as much to blame as the offense for that. However, they get the Rams this week and their offense surrenders more fantasy points to opposing defenses than any other unit in the NFL.

9. Oakland Raiders -- Like so many others, I have never believed Tim Tebow is (or possibly ever will be) an NFL quarterback. He looked totally lost last week and this could be the last time we see him under center in an NFL game for a long time. If you have the Raiders at your disposal, get them in the lineup.

10. St. Louis Rams -- In a match up of bad team vs. bad team, it’s never an awful thing to have either of their defenses. There have been some ugly games around the NFL in the past couple weeks. This one could be added to the list.

11-03-2011, 09:15 AM
I'm picking up the Chiefs defense to use for the next two weeks.

11-03-2011, 09:19 AM
If Skelton ends up starting for the Cardinals I'd move the Rams up a few more spots.

11-03-2011, 04:51 PM
I'm picking up the Chiefs defense to use for the next two weeks.

I did last week while the jets were on bye

11-03-2011, 06:53 PM
The Chiefs are NOT a good fantasy defense unless they blank somebody like the Raiders.

They have absolutely no pass rush outside of Tamba Hali, and Romeo's defensive gameplan, as effective as it is, is not the most aggressive in the world; it just forces QBs to be patient and pass a bunch of dumpoffs and short yardage passes.

It's very effective, and the Chiefs have a good defense, but until this team gets something going with the passrush, it's an iffy bye week defense at best.