View Full Version : Rank These Three Teams For Dec. 11th

12-05-2011, 12:56 PM
Rank these three teams for the upcoming week.

If you can, try to describe how much better you think the teams are from each other.

(This is the last week of my team's regular season before the playoffs, and if I win or get a certain amount of points over another player, I'm in.)

Team A

Romo vs. NYG

Fitzgerald vs. SF
Nicks @ DAL
Laurent Robinson vs. NYG

Rice vs. IND
Murray vs. NYG

Hernandez @ WAS
Gostowski @WAS
New England D @ WAS

Team B

Vick @ MIA

Megatron vs. MIN
Antonio Brown vs. CLE
Julio Jones @ CAR

Gore @ ARI
Gerhardt @ DET

Graham @ TEN
Akers @ ARI
Cowboys D vs. NYG

Team C

Ryan @ CAR

Wallace vs. CLE
Steve Smith vs. ATL
Stevie Johnson @ SD

McCoy @ MIA
Chris Johnson vs. NO

Witten vs. NYG
Jason Hanson vs. MIN
Denver vs. CHI