View Full Version : Chiefs One of the best things about the game for me today was...

12-18-2011, 05:20 PM
all of the cheese heads crying after the game was over and the stadium was emptying out.

Talk about some sore losers. I guess they forgot what it felt like.

I was actually pretty surprised there were so many of them so upset. Not just 'my team lost and isn't going undefeated' upset, but really trying to start shit with Chiefs fans for cheering just like any fan would when their team wins a big game.

I was in 119 and the entire walk out to my car from that spot all I could hear some standard Chiefs cheering, and the overwhelming sound of bitching and moaning about it from Packer fans.

I've been to every game last year and this year, and I've never seen the losing teams fans on either side act so pathetic after a game.

I loved it.