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ARLINGTON — A runaway electric cart raced unmanned from an end zone to midfield at Cowboys Stadium and plowed into Spring Dekaney football coach Willie Amendola and several others as Amendola was being interviewed near the midfield star Saturday night after Dekaney’s 34-14 win over Cibolo Steele in the Class 5A Division II state championship game.

Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said four people were treated at the stadium for minor injuries, and one was taken to the hospital.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Jerry Woodley, a Houston sports journalist who does the College Sports Report for the community newspaper A King-Size View, was transported by ambulance to Arlington Memorial Hospital, where X-rays showed that he didn’t suffer any broken bones. He was released from the hospital early Sunday morning on crutches with a badly bruised foot and a sprained ankle.

“We’re currently investigating the details that led to the accident and hope to know more soon,’’ Daniels said.

Broadcast footage showed the cart knocking down several people and Amendola falling backward into the cart’s passenger’s seat. As he lay there, he grabbed the steering wheel with his left hand and avoided hitting a bystander. After the cart went another 20 yards, Amendola tumbled out and a field worker sprinted up, hopped aboard and stopped it.

“I got hit, I rolled in the back, everybody was falling down, I steered it away from that guy on the [left]. Then when I got in the middle of nowhere, I rolled off of the thing,’’ Amendola told the San Antonio Express-News. “Just like James Bond.’’

Amendola is the father of NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola, who played for Texas Tech and is now with the St. Louis Rams.

Stadium workers were picking up sideline yard markers and pylons in one of the end zones after the game when the cart took off. Video showed two pylons on the floor in the front of the vehicle.

“I saw the workers get off the golf cart,’’ said Daniels, who was on the field at the time. “They were picking up field markers, and the cart just took off after they exited. It just slowly picked up speed as it drove down the field and kind of turned right into the group there. It was very unusual.’’

Several who were hit or grazed by the cart were checked out by emergency workers as they sprawled on the field. A UIL official said a male staffer was injured, not seriously, when the cart raced across field in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of people were scattered about the field or were in the stands at the time.

Afterward, televised broadcasts showed Amendola conducting another interview with a small streak of blood on his left forearm.


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I don't see where this has been posted before.

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I don't see where this has been posted before.


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I don't see where this has been posted before.

If it's funny, it's usally posted in the Epic Fail thread right away. It's still on the last page in there but it was posted yesterday.

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Toyota golf carts ...

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It looks like one of the pylons is leaning on the gas petal. Probably someone threw it onto the cart, it fell just right, and the thing took off.