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01-25-2012, 11:37 AM
I started listening to the State of The Union speech last night and was turned off very shortly when Obama said that he wanted laws that make all americans equal. He lost me there because he failed to mention that all americans did not include our lawmakers in DC who are set for life if they serve one term. Who can honestly say they did not vote themselves a pay raise because in their wisdom they have a law that makes a pay raise automatic unless they amend it. Lawmakers that are not party to the medical insurance plans the rest of us have to pay. Where insider trading makes any lawmaker wealthy because they are the only ones who it is legal for. The Amercan dream isn't a house, car and send kids to college. The new American Dream is to become a lawmaker exempt from from the laws they say will benefit the rest of us.
As for raising taxes on the wealthy, and giving it away to less wealthy through entitements. Would I be worried if I owned a very profitable company. Heck no!! If I have to pay more in taxes I would just increase the price of the product I handled to offset the increase. The people who received the money from the government would pay more for the product so nothing really changes for them except they feel better because it sure looked like they had more money. The bottom line is that if laws are changed to attempt to milk more money from one segment as opposed to another, the use of loopholes would increase making the net result amount to nothing.
I far better method I believe is the Fair Tax. The more you buy other then on food, medicine, and heath costs the more you pay. Each pay period your pay check has the total amount you earned on it with no deductions. Then if you go out and buy a car you pay a tax on the purchase. Those that buy more expensive cars will pay more in taxes because the car is more expensive. That is the basis of the Fair Tax but it really is so much more. Including from estimates making SS solvent, funding medicare, and allowing the national dept to be paid down.
In conclusion, making everyone equal should include our lawmakers abiding by the same laws we have to live with. If through luck, better education, or a brillant idea you bring in more money then your neighbor then whne you spend more then your neighbor more would go out in taxes. Simple enough.

01-25-2012, 11:46 AM
Obama's speech and plan were addressed to those with the reading level of an 8th grader using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test — the third lowest score of any State of the Union address since 1934. They are uneducated and he can play to their envy. It's no wonder the left owns education in every state lock-stock-and-barrel. They turned the masses into proles.

"Obama's use of simple language is in part a reflection of his audience: the American voter in an election year."