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What a maroon


CNN) - Rick Santorum warned a quiet North Dakota audience Wednesday that their state's booming oil industry positioned the region as a prime target for terrorism.

"Folks, you've got energy here. They're going to bother you. They'll bother you, because you are a very key and strategic resource for this country," the Republican presidential candidate said. "No one is safe. No one is safe from asymmetric threats of terrorism."

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Santorum pointed to Iran as the source behind future terrorist attacks, ramping up his rhetoric on a country he frequently discusses on the campaign trail.

"That's what Iran will be all about unless we stop them from getting that nuclear weapon," Santorum said.

He specifically cited a recent report from National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who indicated in a Congressional hearing that Iran may be willing to sponsor future attacks on U.S. soil.

His comments came the same day Iran unveiled new developments in its nuclear energy program, including its intent to start production of yellowcake, a chemically treated form of uranium ore used for making enriched uranium.

Santorum largely focused his speech at the Tioga Public School Gymnasium on North Dakota energy production, specifically the area's oil-rich shale rock formation known as the Bakken.

The former Pennsylvania senator pledged to eliminate Obama-era rules and regulations that he claims hold the region back form its full potential in oil production.

He also blasted the president for opposing the controversial Keystone pipeline project, which would run through North Dakota and carry crude oil from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

"You have a president who's not interested in science. He's interested in politics. Instead of doing something that is in the best interest of creating energy security for our country and economic growth, he plays petty politics and partisan politics and special interest politics," Santorum said.

The appearance was one of three events Santorum was scheduled to hold Wednesday in North Dakota, a state that holds its caucuses on Super Tuesday, March 6.

The state carries 28 total delegates.

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Wow, dumb.