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02-18-2012, 05:41 PM
:hail: :hail: :hail:

If you have ever been screwed in court by a woman, it's worth the read trust me.

The majority of you know the story about my brother in law and his ugly cheating wife. Well after he asked for a divorce she went down to the court house and got an order of protection against him for her and his two girls by lying to a judge and telling him that her girls are afraid of their daddy and that he texts her a 100 times a day. She threw him out of the house HE bought. Yesterday he went to court to fight it.

She walked into court with hooker boots and jeans and strutted her stuff like she knew she was going to walk out of there with everything going her way. She got put in her place. The Judge has a bullshit detector like Judge Mathis. He saw through all her lies, asked her if she and her children are so afraid of her husband, why does she leave her kids with him AFTER the separation to babysit so she can go party with her friends and go to her stupid Zumba classes? Then he asked her why she put the order of protection against him half an hour after he asked for the divorce. THEN he asked why she lied about him texting a hundred times a day to her when he has a print out from T Mobile proving he texted her a couple of times during the month. The bitch couldn't answer. Then he asked if her husband was ever physical to her or the children and she had to answer no.

When it was my bro in laws turn to talk she interrupted several times and the Judge had to tell her if she interrupted one more time she would be held in contempt of court. hahahaha! He threw the whole thing out. She even interrupted the Judge and said "well you're only throwing it out for the girls right?" and the Judge looked right at her and said, "Um no, I'm throwing the whole thing out". The Judge told her she must give back his house keys and his garage door opener and if she doesn't want to be around him SHE can move out but she must leave the children. She looked like she was ready to explode.

She went up to Jason after court and started crying about how she has to go back to work and that she is going for alimony but I doubt she'll get it because she only stopped working when she had her 6 year old. She has a masters in teaching so the lazy bitch will have to work now and she can't rack up her 6k credit card bills every 3 months like she's used to. HA! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The Judge also put her in her place about money. She told the Judge that he left her penniless. This is actually not true. He took all of his saving and put it in another account because the saving is actually his inheritance from his Grandmother. He was left 70k and in just two years Kim (the hag) spent all but 20k of it. Jason left her 2k in the checking account for expenses though. Anyway the Judge asked her about HER inheritance from her father that she just got which is 100k + and she answered that she didn't want to take it out at once because she would have to pay taxes on it. He looked right at her and said, "SO? Sounds like to me you're not penniless." bahahahahaha!

I love this Judge. I think it's horrible how women always get what they want in a divorce during court. I divorced Jason's brother after 7 years of marriage because he became a bad drunk and I couldn't take it anymore. I took my car, my sofa, my tv and my cat and started over. I left him our paid off house that I paid for since he was always out of work. Women act like they are so strong but when the going gets rough, they go after their husbands assets. It's pathetic.

I thought any man on here that has been screwed in court would get a kick out of all this. : )


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That bitch has crazy eyes.

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That bitch has crazy eyes.


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MTG needs to pay attention here.
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That woman has the greatest haircut ever.

Looks like she took a can of Ducth Boy paint to the beauty shop and said, "Give me that cut".

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Atleast your brother went about it the right way

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She looks like Andy Dick in Old School.


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MTG needs to pay attention here.
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The whore is probably his new fiance.

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she looks like Tommy Boy

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she looks like Tommy Boy

Dude looks like that demon in one of those "A Haunting" shows. The one the kid in the basement keeps telling his family about the Man With The Black Eyes

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while we all know that gingers have no souls, we might also want to realize that some gingers have no tact either.

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Reason #1364 why I will never get married again.

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I have no idea what this thread is about. OP gave absolutely no premise, just copied and pasted and left. Just like a hooker.

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Reason #1364 why I will never get married again.


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So the woman in your story is your sister?

Hammock Parties
02-18-2012, 07:02 PM
So the woman in your story is your sister?


No relation to bitch or dumbass in the OP.