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Rain Man
02-23-2012, 02:20 PM
Has anyone posted this already? I find it interesting. I can't believe that Jake O'Connell didn't get invited to the combine.


Past NFL Combine performances of Chiefs draft picks
By Josh Looney
Posted 1 hour ago
Under GM Scott Pioli, the Chiefs have drafted some of the Combine's top jumpers

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – If there is a physical test that can project a future Chiefs draft pick, it might be one that measures hops.

In three drafts under GM Scott Pioli, the Chiefs have plucked some of the NFL Combine’s best jumpers.

Three years ago, the Chiefs made Ohio State cornerback Donald Washingtontheir fourth-round selection. Washington set an NFL Combine record in 2009 with a 45.0-inch vertical. It’s a record that still stands.

In Pioli’s second draft, the Chiefs selected Eric Berry with the fifth overall pick. Berry led all safeties at the 2010 NFL Combine with a 43.0-inch vertical jump. Berry’s hops ranked as the third-best that year of any player regardless of position.

Last year, the Chiefs selected Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin in the back-end of the first round. Baldwin posted a 42.0-inch vertical jump at the Combine, best at his position and second-best overall.

Baldwin, Berry and Washington couldn’t just sky. They could leap as well.

Washington posted the best broad jump at the 2009 Combine with an 11’3” lead. Berry’s broad jump of 10’10” placed him second overall in 2010. Baldwin’s broad jump of 10’9” ranked as the fifth-best Combine total in 2011.

Maybe it’s all a coincidence. Either way, the Chiefs preference for jumpers is interesting and worth keeping an eye on as Combine results tally throughout the week.

Here’s a look back at the NFL Combine performance of every Chiefs draft pick under Pioli.

2011 Draft Class

WR Jonathan Baldwin, 26th Overall Pick

Baldwin came to the Combine aiming to run his 40-yard dash in the 4.3 range. Instead, Baldwin ran a 4.49 second 40-yard time. He also drew some criticism after falling down during a receiving drill. Regardless, his height and leaping ability had teams predicting he’d be a Red Zone terror.

Height 6'4" Bench (225 lbs.) 20
Weight 228 Vertical 42.0
40-yard 4.49 Broad 129.0
20-yard 2.57 Shuttle 4.34
10-yard 1.58 3-Cone 7.07
G/C Rodney Hudson, 55th Overall Pick

With many knocking his size, Hudson worked hard to bulk up before the Combine. After playing his senior season at 285 pounds, Hudson tipped the scales at 299 pounds in Indianapolis.

Height 6'2" Bench (225 lbs.) 27
Weight 299 Vertical 25.5
40-yard 5.27 Broad 95.0
20-yard 3.01 Shuttle 4.96
10-yard 1.76 3-Cone 8.03
OLB Justin Houston, 70th Overall Pick

Physically, Houston was impressive. He out-ran and out-jumped linebackers that weighed 20 pounds lighter. He finished second among all linebackers in the bench press, second in the broad jump, posted the fourth-best vertical jump and the seventh-best 40-yard time. However, his draft stock fell after flunking a drug test in Indianapolis.

Height 6'3" Bench (225 lbs.) 30
Weight 270 Vertical 36.5
40-yard 4.62 Broad 125.0
20-yard 2.61 Shuttle 4.37
10-yard 1.62 3-Cone 6.95
DL Allen Bailey, 86th Overall Pick

“Billy Bicep” posted good Combine numbers, but left some teams concerned after reporting to the Combine at just 275 pounds.

Height 6'3" Bench (225 lbs.) 27
Weight 285 Vertical 36.5
40-yard 4.71 Broad 117
20-yard 2.7 Shuttle 4.56
10-yard 1.67 3-Cone 7.43
CB Jalil Brown, 118th Overall Pick

A bigger cornerback, many teams were interested to see how Brown moved during position drills and whether he’d fit better as a corner or safety at the pro level.

Height 6'1" Bench (225 lbs.) 24
Weight 204 Vertical 35.5
40-yard 4.52 Broad 116
20-yard 2.56 Shuttle 4.25
10-yard 1.48 3-Cone 6.85
QB Ricky Stanzi, 135th Overall Pick

Pre-draft quarterback forecasts are always interesting. Pro Football Weekly had Stanzi ranked as the third-best draftable quarterback prior to the Combine behind Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker. Rated behind Stanzi was eventual No. 1 pick Cam Newton.

A few other publications had Stanzi listed as the ninth-best QB prospect. Unlike many of the other quarterbacks, Stanzi opted to throw for scouts in Indianapolis.

Height 6'4" Bench (225 lbs.) n/a
Weight 223 Vertical 32.5
40-yard 4.87 Broad 110
20-yard 2.81 Shuttle 4.43
10-yard 1.65 3-Cone 6.95
OLB Gabe Miller, 140th Overall Pick

Miller did not receive a Combine invitation.

NT Jerrell Powe, 199th Overall Pick

Powe was one of the 60 players Kansas City selected for a 15-minute one-on-one interview during the 2011 NFL Combine.

Height 6'2" Bench (225 lbs.) 27
Weight 335 Vertical 25.0
40-yard 5.25 Broad 93
20-yard 3.0 Shuttle 5.06
10-yard 1.8 3-Cone 8.17
FB Shane Bannon, 223rd Overall Pick

Bannon did not receive a Combine invitation.

2010 Draft Class

S Eric Berry, 5th Overall Pick

Berry wanted to sell himself as the No. 1 overall pick at the Combine. Though he didn’t succeed with that goal, it wasn’t because of a lackluster Combine performance.

Height 6'1" Bench (225 lbs.) 19
Weight 211 Vertical 43.0
40-yard 4.4 Broad 130
20-yard 2.51 Shuttle 4.23
10-yard 1.54 3-Cone 6.8
RB Dexter McCluster, 36th Overall Pick

McCluster didn’t run particularly well in Indianapolis. Measurements have never been a strong suit of the shifty speedster, but his 4.58 40-yard time was a disappointment. While it ranked 10th among running backs, it wasn’t near the top times of wide receivers.

Height 5'8" Bench (225 lbs.) 20
Weight 172 Vertical 37.5
40-yard 4.53 Broad 118
20-yard 2.5 Shuttle 6.06
10-yard 1.55 3-Cone N/A
CB Javier Arenas, 50th Overall Pick

Arenas missed the majority of Combine drills after tweaking his right hamstring while running his first 40-yard dash.

Height 5'8" Bench (225 lbs.) N/A
Weight 197 Vertical N/A
40-yard 4.6 Broad 112
20-yard 2.61 Shuttle N/A
10-yard 1.55 3-Cone N/A
G Jon Asamoah, 68th Overall Pick

Asamoah did not workout at the Combine because of a shoulder injury suffered at the Senior Bowl.

TE Tony Moeaki, 93rd Overall Pick

Moeaki’s 4.69 40-yard dash tied for fourth fastest among tight ends and his 9’5” broad jump tied for fifth best. The big question surrounding Moeaki wasn’t his physical tests, but his durability.

Height 6'3" Bench (225 lbs.) 18
Weight 245 Vertical 34.0
40-yard 4.69 Broad 113
20-yard 2.7 Shuttle 4.42
10-yard 1.6 3-Cone 7.10
S Kendrick Lewis, 136th Overall Pick

Lewis’ draft stock took at dive at the Combine when he ran a 4.73 second 40-yard dash. The time killed him and his status dropped like a stone. Lewis’ Combine loss ended up being Kansas City’s gain.

Height 6'1" Bench (225 lbs.) 16
Weight 198 Vertical 31.5
40-yard 4.73 Broad 116
20-yard 2.66 Shuttle 4.33
10-yard 1.61 3-Cone 6.88
OLB Cameron Sheffield, 142nd Overall Pick

A former 4-3 college defensive end, scouts of 3-4 defenses wanted to see if Sheffield’s athleticism translated as an outside linebacker.

Height 6'3" Bench (225 lbs.) N/A
Weight 257 Vertical 33.0
40-yard 4.92 Broad 115
20-yard 2.81 Shuttle 4.53
10-yard 1.60 3-Cone 7.23
2009 Draft Class

DE Tyson Jackson, 3rd Overall Pick

NFL teams loved Jackson’s physical makeup after the Combine and heading into the NFL Draft.

Height 6'4" Bench (225 lbs.) N/A
Weight 296 Vertical 28.5
40-yard 4.94 Broad 102
20-yard 2.79 Shuttle 4.80
10-yard 1.68 3-Cone 7.64
DL Alex Magee, 67th Overall Pick

Magee had a solid workout at the Combine. NFL teams, especially those running a 3-4 defense, loved Magee’s versatility as a tackle and an end.

Height 6'2" Bench (225 lbs.) 30
Weight 298 Vertical 29.5
40-yard 5.03 Broad 103
20-yard 2.87 Shuttle 4.55
10-yard 1.66 3-Cone 7.52
CB Donald Washington, 102nd Overall Pick

Washington jumped through the roof, setting an NFL Combine record that still stands with a 45.0-inch vertical leap.

Height 6'1" Bench (225 lbs.) 9
Weight 197 Vertical 45.0
40-yard 4.5 Broad 135
20-yard 2.58 Shuttle 4.20
10-yard 1.47 3-Cone 6.84
OL Colin Brown, 139th Overall Pick

Brown did not receive a Combine invitation.

WR Quinten Lawrence, 175th Overall Pick

In Indianapolis, Lawrence was still nursing a lower leg injury that cost him the majority of his senior season at McNeese State.

Height 6'0" Bench (225 lbs.) 20
Weight 184 Vertical N/A
40-yard 4.40 Broad N/A
20-yard N/A Shuttle N/A
10-yard N/A 3-Cone N/A
RB Javarris Williams, 212th Overall Pick

Williams ran well with a 223-pound frame and showed enough strength for the Chiefs to take a seventh-round flier on the small school prospect.

Height 5'10" Bench (225 lbs.) 25
Weight 223 Vertical 33.5
40-yard 4.51 Broad 116
20-yard 2.62 Shuttle N/A
10-yard 1.50 3-Cone N/A
TE Jake O’Connell, 237th Overall Pick

O’Connell did not receive a Combine invitation.

K Ryan Succop, 256th Overall Pick

Succop did not receive a Combine invitation.

Rain Man
02-23-2012, 02:22 PM
And McCluster did more 225 benches than Eric Berry?

02-23-2012, 02:25 PM
And McCluster did more 225 benches than Eric Berry?

Short arms?

02-23-2012, 02:47 PM
He obviously doesn't care about 40 numbers. We drafted a corner with a 40 time over 5? I heard Lombardi say that was a number he thought was over-rated as well.

Maybe Pioli is secretly putting together a basketball team.

02-24-2012, 04:00 PM
Explosion baby!!! That's what the standing measured high jump as well as long jump measures.

I posted Donald Washington's youtube standing high jump awhile back.

Just f'n amazing!!:thumb:

02-24-2012, 04:49 PM
Explosion baby!!! That's what the standing measured high jump as well as long jump measures.

I posted Donald Washington's youtube standing high jump awhile back.

Just f'n amazing!!:thumb:

If he has that much burst, why is he so slow?

02-25-2012, 01:28 AM
Because most of these morons base their judgements on 40s and static jumping. Washington hasn't shown the ability to play football at a high level. Who gives a flying fig about what he can do on youtube? How meaningless...?

02-28-2012, 09:58 AM
So has anybody taken a look at the standing broad and vertical jump results from this past weekend yet? I wonder if we can nail down some of the guys they'll be targetting?

Mr. Laz
02-28-2012, 12:59 PM
looks like Looney is cherry picking pretty hard

03-02-2012, 04:50 AM
So has anybody taken a look at the standing broad and vertical jump results from this past weekend yet? I wonder if we can nail down some of the guys they'll be targetting?

Uh... Kashif Moore?